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Safety comes first, especially when you take out your expensive DSLR camera for a spin. You already know that the world is a rough place for cameras, with all sorts of jagged nasties waiting to take their toll on your beautifully finished pride and joy. And the solution to that problem is Camera Armor – a close fitting stay-on glove for your Digital SLR. A solution that will definitely help you to add additional protection to your expensive photo equipment, especially when you take photos in an unfriendly environment, without needing to pay too much for it.

Each Camera Armor model is made from shock absorbing, flexible silicon-rubber, with each set designed to fit your digital SLR model like a glove. This ensures the best possible fit and protection while continuing to allow full access to all buttons, cable ports, and battery/memory compartments. The unique thing about Camera Armor is the fact that it protects your camera wherever you go, regardless of what you are doing. You put it on, and leave it on, so no matter what bumps life throws at you, your camera is protected.

Camera Armor products come with the “Body Armor”; an LCD shield made from polycarbonate that protects the screen from impact and abrasion; and the Lens Armor, a rugged protective ring that stretches to fit most common lenses. The Lens armor doubles as a sun hood, and can be rolled out of the way for wide angle shot. It even comes with a handy lens cap leash that attaches your lens cap to the lens armor with a silicone tab.

Currently there are Camera Armor kits designed specially for 10 digital SLR cameras: Canon EOS 30D, Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D), Canon EOS 5D, Nikon D70/D70s, Nikon D80, Nikon D200, Nikon D40, Sony Alpha A100, Canon Mark II Series 1DN & 1DS and Fuji FinePix S5. The price for a complete Camera Armor kit is between $49.95 and $79.95, depending on the model.

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Incorporating the PENTAX-developed Sliding Lens System and an impressive 3.0 inch, high-definition LCD monitor, the Optio T20 is the thinnest digital camera in this class. Featuring 7.0 megapixels and a 3X zoom, the latest model in the PENTAX T series allows users to select and confirm functions directly on the LCD monitor with just a touch or with a stylus. The 3.0 inch display allows users to easily view and decorate images with drawings, stamps, picture frames and more. With the 3.0 inch touch-display, the Optio T20 allows users to simply touch, shoot and enjoy.

The Optio T20 hosts a large 3.0 inch LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels for exceptional clarity and definition for reviewing images and menu text. With a wide viewing field, the screen remains easy-to-see when viewed from an angle or straight on. This is helpful when monitoring shots at low or high angles or when displaying images in a group setting. With a slim body only 0.77 inch thick (19.5mm), the Optio T20 is the thinnest in this digital camera class.

The Optio T20’s touch display allows users to select and confirm functions by directly touching the LCD monitor. Easy operation of the screen allows users to access icons from the displayed menu with a simple touch. The Optio T20 comes with the My Drawing mode, which lets users customize their shots. With the enclosed stylus pen, users may create original pictures by writing directly on the image shown on the monitor or adding a stored illustration with the Stamp function. The camera also offers a function for storing favorite photos as original stamps to add to other images.

The Optio T20 digital camera will be available for $349.95 in October 2006.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2

12, Sep 2006

The new DSC-N2 digital camera features three-inch touch-screen display and built-in slide show capability. The extra-large 3″ screen with intuitive menu options allow for less physical buttons on the camera body, resulting in a sleeker design. They display also incorporate Sony’s Clear Photo Plus LCD technology for higher resolution (230K), higher contrast and optimal viewing from various angles.

The elegant DSC-N2 camera debuts in champagne gold and is a ten-megapixel powerhouse with an extending Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar 3x optical zoom lens. With its built-in photo album function, this model can be a photo diary in your pocket, loaded with up to 500 of your favorite images.

Every time you snap a picture, the DSC-N2 model will store a full-resolution image on the optional media card or in the camera’s 25 MB of internal memory. Additionally, it automatically resizes that same image in VGA resolution and stores it in a portion of the camera’s internal memory dedicated to pocket album. No matter how many pictures are offloaded from the media card, you can choose to protect the images you want to keep and, over time, you have a collection of your favorite shots in the camera.

The CCD sensor of the camera incorporate high light sensitivity up to IS0 1600 to facilitate shooting without blur at faster shutter speeds – a necessity when capturing fast-moving subjects or taking photos in low-light environments.

The DSC-N2 should hit the stores in October with a price of about $450.

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