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The summer is here and it is time to refresh your T-shirts wardrobe with some new cool designs. How about getting a shirt with some nice tech stencil – an electrical scheme with a big central chip that is over your heart…


You can also call it a shirt showing your secret inner workings if you consider yourself a true geek or a tech person. The T-shirt is made from 100% cotton and the stencil printed on it is very durable so it should last long enough. You can get it in: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large or XX-Large so it will be just the perfect fit for you…

If the Inside t-shirt is not to your liking you could also check out the big catalog with other cool designs that Unee Tee offer.

The price of the Inside Tech T-shirt is just $16.99.

To get yourself this cool techy-looking Inside T-shirt…

LED Tiles

26, Jul 2006


Straight luminous glass borders in format 5.5 x 40 cm and in the colours blue, yellow and white complete the light concept and are a perfect match with “Flow” and “LED Tiles”.


The luminous borders make every room an eye-catcher – in your private oasis of wellness as well as in an object area. The borders are used in various applications such as indirect lighting, innovative skirting and guide at steps or just as an exclusive design element. Combined with white tiles of sizes 30 x 40 cm or 40 x 70 cm, they create purist cool worlds of living. Combined with the series of mosaic floor and wall tiles from Steuler, the borders allow most different and varying design worlds to be created – for every demand and taste.


LED illuminated borders trace bands of light on walls and floors. They lend structure to the architecture and show the way. Colours such as white and blue set the stage for rooms and bathe the soul. Single coloured or with slowly alternating colours, the LED modules delicately illuminate steps and stairs or emphasis niches and individual objects. The light playfully speckles colour accents on walls and floors – soft yet stimulating. The possibilities are limitless…

The price of the tiles needed for 1 square meter starts at about $50 + about $100-150 for the control electronics.

More information about the LED Tiles at Steuler Fliesen…