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The summer is here and it is time to refresh your T-shirts wardrobe with some new cool designs. How about getting a shirt with some nice tech stencil – an electrical scheme with a big central chip that is over your heart…


You can also call it a shirt showing your secret inner workings if you consider yourself a true geek or a tech person. The T-shirt is made from 100% cotton and the stencil printed on it is very durable so it should last long enough. You can get it in: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large or XX-Large so it will be just the perfect fit for you…

If the Inside t-shirt is not to your liking you could also check out the big catalog with other cool designs that Unee Tee offer.

The price of the Inside Tech T-shirt is just $16.99.

To get yourself this cool techy-looking Inside T-shirt…


Father’s Day is almost here and it is about time for you to decide what to get for your parent if you still haven’t got a present ready. Here are some good ideas for Father’s Day, especially if your father also love gadgets and smart tech stuff…

Binary Dad T-Shirt – A 100% cotton heavyweight t-shirt in very dad-friendly blue with the word “DAD” in binary zeroes and ones printed on the front in white.

Digital Measuring Tape – Allows you to take correct measurements every time you need them, eliminating the human error factor, great idea for a DIY dad.

Stainless Steel Wallet – Amazing wallet made from real stainless steel that is soft to touch, but really hard and efficent in protecting its contents.

ToolLogic Firesteel Knife – A razor sharp blade and emergency signal whistle plus a premium magnesium alloy fire starter combined in a cool looking tool.

Original Ring Thing – A stylsh ring that has a reali valuable feature for all beer lovers, an easy to use bottle opener that is really handy every time you need it.

Circuitboard Business Card Case – A saavy little business card case with a techno-appeal that will definitely draw attention when you are giving out your bussines card.

For some more ideas (over than 50) for a Dad’s gift for Father’s Day you can visit the specialized section at ThinkGeek, you’ll surely find something that will become a great gift… 😉

To the list of 50+ other good gift ideas for Father’s Day…

Aeroportz Wallet 2.0

2, Oct 2006


Meet Wallet 2.0, the original soft wallet with multi-purposes. It looks nothing like a wallet in the first glance, but after you take a good look of it, you will perceive the beauty of this innovative soft wallet. Just about the size of your normal leather wallet, it holds as much stuffs as you could put in with our patent pending wallet system: different refill sheets of credit cards, bills, I.D., coins, notes, card holder, memory card, etc – that you could choose from. Everyday life, traveling, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, night clubbing, dancing, etc. Whether you are going to do, Wallet 2.0 could be your best buddy. With the soft materials, you could put it in your front or back pocket, wear it around your neck, put it in your bags. Wallet 2.0 is not only a normal wallet, but a fashion symbol. It will be you, to define the style of urban accessory trend. Let???‚?„?s go out for fun with your Wallet 2.0 tonight, should we?


There are many different ways you can use Wallet 2.0 to keep your money & personal belongs tidy, and we have special designed Wallet 2.0, so that it can be used with more than just a wallet. Wallet 2.0 can be transformed into a mobile phone, MP3 or key chain cases, and the two strap holes on the side allows you attach it to a cell phone strap or lanyard. Using our patent pending wallet system, you could put many different refill sheets into the wallet, to give it different usages. With a little imagination, you can come up with all sorts of creative ways to use Wallet 2.0 for not only managing your money, but for accenting your lifestyle

_ World first silicone soft wallet
_ Extraordinary design of patent pending wallet system
_ Strong & durable protection for your money & cards.
_ Water resistant finish with rich feels on the surface.
_ Two strap holes on the side for chain or lanyard.
_ Made from silicone, the environmentally friendly material.
_ Wallet 2.0 comes with refill sheets for 3 cards, some bills, lots coins, 3 I.D.

The price of a single Wallet 2.0 is $29.95.

For more information about the Wallet 2.0…