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Turn your TV into a pixelized party light. The Groovetube panel works great no matter what???‚?„?s on TV. Think of it as a television accessory just like a DVD player or an X-Box. The extremely light-weight and well made Groovetube panel sticks right to your TV screen with a couple suction cup things. It converts the TV images into pixelized blocks of ever-changing patterns and colors. Available in 3 sizes. LARGE size fits 24″ – 27″ TVs. MEDIUM size fits 19″ – 22″ TVs. SMALL size fits 13″ – 15″ TVs.


Groovetube requires no batteries, external power source or fancy gadgetry to work. It channels the light from todays info-mercials, reality TV shows and advertising and difuses it to an active matrix of moving colored squares of light. As the imagery on the television screen moves and changes, so does the grid of colored squares on the Groovetube. You just stick the thing on and the TV does the rest.

The price of GrooveTube is between $29 and $49 depending on the size.

If you want to buy a GrooveTube TV Party Light for yout TV…

Konica-Minolta introduced its most affordable desktop color lasers yet – the Magicolor 2500W and Magicolor 2530 DL. Starting at just $299, these newest models in the company’s award-winning laser printer lineup streamline price, not performance, and offer exceptional laser print quality for the home office, small business, or office workgroup.

Apart from a low purchase price, the magicolor 2500 Series printers are designed for cost-effective operation. With replacement toner cartridges that yield up to 4,500 pages, full-color laser-sharp prints cost just pennies a page. Plus, the same high-quality output is guaranteed regardless of media type used, so even on inexpensive media, printed pages still look terrific.

Ease of use, a hallmark of KONICA MINOLTA laser printers, is built into the magicolor 2500 Series. From the box to the desktop, setup takes only minutes, with pre-installed supplies and auto-run installation software. Front access makes it simple to change consumables and remove paper jams. Long-lasting replacement toner cartridges mean the printers experience fewer workflow interruptions and require less user intervention. And, both the magicolor 2500W and 2530 DL offer a desktop status display that allows users to check the print job status, control the printer, and monitor consumable levels right from their workstations.

The magicolor 2500W and magicolor 2530 DL print up to 2400 x 600 dpi at 20 ppm in black & white and 5 ppm in color. The printers use KONICA MINOLTA Simitri Polymerized Toner which improves print quality even on coarse or inexpensive media. This specially formulated toner yields more vibrant prints with crisp text and images that don’t smear or fade. It requires 30% less power to create than pulverized toner, and produces durable prints that last more than 100 years. Both new magicolor lasers include sophisticated color controls to further ensure output quality. Enhanced Automatic Image Density Control (eAIDC) automatically calibrates the printer for consistent, accurate color from the first page to the last, while built-in ICC-based color matching provides automatic controls for precise color correction of print files.

The magicolor 2530 DL is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems, and features a built-in Ethernet 10/100BaseTX connection to allow fast network printing for a small office or workgroup. Digital camera enthusiasts will enjoy the built-in support for direct photo printing from PictBridge-compatible cameras. An optional paper tray brings the magicolor 2530 DL’s maximum input capacity to 700 sheets, and the optional automatic duplexer provides money-saving, two-sided prints.

The price of the Magicolor 2500W is about $299 and you’ll have to pay about $399 for the Magicolor 2530 DL.

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