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Replace all of your standard alkaline disposable batteries with the new Hybrio by Ultralast. The Hybrio lasts up to four times longer than standard alkaline batteries on each charge and can be recharged up to 500 times, meaning you can be using your battery-powered devices instead of buying batteries. And the Hybrio backs it up with a three-year battery life guarantee. Try getting that from your regular battery.

The Hybrio features a three-year battery life limited warranty. It will last for three-plus years when recharged regularly as directed. The Hybrio comes charged and ready to use off-the-shelf, and can last up to four times longer on each charge than standard disposable batteries when used in high-drain devices like digital cameras, which means far fewer battery changes. One Hybrio rechargeable is equivalent to up to 500 standard disposable batteries. The payback period on purchasing a charger and batteries occurs after using them just twice … and the savings continue year after year.

Billions of ordinary batteries are thrown away every year, many of which end up in landfills and contribute to the pollution of our lakes and streams, and introduce harmful contaminants into the environment. Because up to 500 fewer disposable batteries go to landfills for every Hybrio rechargeable battery used, you can feel good about choosing to “power responsibly” with the Hybrio battery.

Hybrio will be available starting in late October with a price of less than $30 for a charger and batteries.

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