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Original Ring Thing

23, Jul 2006


This is the real ring Gandalf was looking for. A simple band of stainless steel holds a secret – a secret which could topple regimes … of thirsty people. Slip the Ring Thing on your “social finger” (or #4, if you know our Binary Finger shirt) and you are ready to tackle any mob of the “unquenched.”

No more searching through your desk drawer for bottle openers. You will always have one when you wear your Ring Thing. And, the Ring Thing is comfortable to wear; this entire description was written while wearing a Ring Thing.


– Wear on middle finger, with “cat’s ears” facing palm
– To use: hook bottle cap and lift wrist
– Whole sizes: 8-15

The Original Ring Thing is available for $7.99 and you can choose between 8 sizes to match your finger.

You can buy one for you and some more for your friends, this is a great gift…