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Egokast Video Belt

5, Sep 2006


Get all the attention you deserve with this Egokast media player. It’s a 3.5 inch LCD video screen to wear on your belt or arm strap. Uses SD card that can store up to 2GB of MP4, MP3, MPG, AVI, JPG files. The built-in battery gets you about 4-6 hours of play time. Make your own video broadcasts or download already made Egocast clips and express yourself…

The price of the Egokast Video Belt is $289

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IDE Cable Belt

29, Aug 2006


Are you geek enough to wear a belt that is made out of a real ribbon cable as it is used for IDE cables in nearly all PCs? If you are then the IDE Cable Belt is definitely a great idea for you… The belt is 2,5cm wide and comes in one standard length, but you can easily shorten it if you need to. The replacement if anything goes wrong with the ribbon cable is also very easy, you’ll just have to get a new IDE cable 🙂

The price of the IDE Cable Belt is about 30$

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You’ll always be prepared when wearing the 686 Rocker Stud Toolbelt, because it doesn’t only hold your pants in place… This belt comes with all the standard tools you will need to be always prepared for everything. It comes with detachable double prongs with #2 philips and #2 flat head screwdriver, detachable loop with 8mm, 10mm and 1mm wrenches made from steel. The buckle comes with a bottle opener and the belt itself is made form waterproof leather. So now you can be always prepared to repair everything, prepared with style 😉

The price of the 686 Rocker Stud Toolbelt is about $50.

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