Designed to complement the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, Sportsuit Sensor+ is a finely crafted neoprene and rubber pouch that allows serious runners to attach the Nike + iPod wireless sensor to the top of their favorite pair of running shoes.


– Specifically designed to store Nike+ iPod wireless sensor
– Easily attached and removed
– Protective neoprene and rubber construction
– Strong Velcro closure keeps your investment secure

The price of the Sportsuit Sensor+ for iPod nano is $9.95

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Want to add security to your home or business without the expense of a full security system? Create the appearance of a surveillance system in your home or business with the Mini Dome Dummy Camera, a ceiling-mounted doppelganger for a heavy-duty surveillance unit. Just looks like the real thing, but actually doesn’t do a thing… 😉

The price of the Mini Dome Dummy Camera is $19.99

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Sleeptracker monitors your body and continuously looks for your best possible waking times. Sleeptracker wakes you up at just the right moment – during a window of time that YOU set. I just imagine not feeling tired in the morning and getting a few extra minutes out of your day…

Worn like an everyday watch, Sleeptracker is ideal for anyone who wants to wake up alert and ready to start the day, such as frequent travelers across time zones, business people looking for an extra edge, students with fluctuating schedules, or busy moms who need to wake up easily.

When you set the Alarm Window, Sleeptracker monitors your body for optimal waking moments and gently wakes you at the moment when you’re most alert during that set window of time. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start the day!

Setting the To Bed feature lets Sleeptracker record your sleep data during the night, so you can learn about your unique sleep patterns. To accurately record your data, set To Bed at a time that’s 30 minutes after the time you anticipate being asleep. Then Sleeptracker can record a full 8 hours of your sleep patterns.

Sleeptracker not only tracks your sleep activity, but it also performs the functions of an ordinary watch: it tells the time, day, and date. You can use it as a watch during the day, and as a sleeping device at night. It also comes in water-resistant design for use up to 20 meters underwater.

The price of the Sleeptronix Sleeptracker Watch is $144.95

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