Pro Gamer Command Pad combines the controls essential to First Person Shooter and Strategy games in one unit making them fast and easy to reach in the heat of battle. And you only need one hand for that… 😉


– Backlit device for First Person Shooter (FPS) & Real Time Strategy (RTS) gaming
– Ergonomic keypad with laser etched keys so characters are visible in any lighting environment; ideal for late night gaming session and LAN parties
– 4-way analog hat switch
– 20 buttons including space, shift function and 3 mode states for up to 144 programmable commands
– Adjustable thumb control area has 2 way tilt mechanism, slides forwards and backwards, pivots up and down

The price of the Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit is $39.95

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Kloss DeLight Table

20 Aug


After over two years in development, “DeLighTable” is finally available to buy as a commercial product. The real work obviously lies in the pressure sensitive surface, but now it also comes in an attractive casing. With a framework finished in polished stainless steel, DeLighTable has taken the guise of a slim coffee table only twenty five millimeters thick.


Developed as part of an investigation into reactive space, this pressure sensitive surface starts to glow with the slightest touch. It runs on a safe 12 volts, and is completely waterproof. This makes it great for placing transparent glasses with your drinks… The dimensions of the table are 900 x 450 x 300 mm (LxWxH).

The price of the DeLight Table is about $2300.

More information and images are available here…


This is a Plug-and-Play, compact, light-weight, wireless modem that provides EDGE, GPRS and GSM connectivity for portable, handheld computers and others. The SAMBA75 maintains the same form-factor of the well-known SAMBA GSM/GPRS modem. It allows subscribers to send and receive data, including digital images, web pages and photographs, with a transfer rate three times higher than possible with GSM/GPRS network. It supports SMS, fax & MMS.

The SAMBA75 is designed for use on any GSM network in the world, it is a Quad-Band EDGE and GSM/GPRS engine that works on the four frequencies GSM 850, GSM 900, DCS 1800 MHz and PCS 1900 MHz and it can be used in all existing GSM networks in Europe, the U.S.A. and Asia. This full type approved integrated modem constitutes a self contained, fully integrated implementation of the GSM/GPRS and EDGE functionalities. The SAMBA75 provides an integrated SIM card reader and an internal GSM antenna. The physical interface to the modem application is made through an embedded USB connector.

The price of the Falcom SAMBA 75 is about $220

More information about the Falcom SAMBA 75 device is available here…