This is the world’s most elegant and trendy toilet paper. Why waste your time with so-last-season-two-ply-white when you can treat your cellulite-free-gym-toned toosh with stylish black?

They already use this Trendy Black Toilet Paper in the bathrooms of the hottest restaurants and hotels in New York, Madrid, Paris and Milan. This is Fashionable, Sensual, Sophisticated, Fun, and Unique 😉

The Black Toilet Paper is being sold in six-pack with a price of $15.

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The vMagi X1 creates a 35-inch television screen right in front of your eyes through a stylish sunglasses look. Take your old favorite games to a new level, or take your already exciting games to the extreme level, the vMagi pulls you into the intense fire-fights and even slow-paced RPG’s taking your gaming experience to the next level. Although it is best suited for watching movies on the go…


The vMagi X1 can connect to iPod Video, MP4 Players, DVD/CD/VCD Players, Computers, TV Receivers, Digital Cameras, and any device with a video out source. The 2 TFT LCD Displays (320×240 resolution) give the illusion of a 35-inch Big Screen Television as if you are standing over 6?’?… ft. away. The vMagi X1 automatically switches on when it detects a video signal, and instantly turns off when that video signal is lost. It also auto-recognizes and exchanges between NTSC/PAL making it ideal for Travel.

The vMagi X1 comes with 480mAH Lithium-ion battery that can provide enough power for up to 4-5 hours use with a single charge.

You can pre-order the vMagi X1 until September 15 for $249.99, after that the price will be $299.99. The device is expected to be available in October.

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Coeno Toolkit

27 Aug


Coeno one is an around-the-table application designed for presenting a storyboard using tabletop technology in combination with augmented content. It is based on the coeno framework. The goal of coeno one is to present new ways of interaction and communication for the next generation working in spaces.


Users bring their laptops and Tablet PCs into the environment, connect their devices to the system, and start exchanging their ideas by moving digital data (e.g. images, videos, digital scribbles, short animation shots etc.) to the table. They can move their private ideas to the public surface. Coeno one offers a smooth integration of portable computers into a meeting room, where the table and walls are acting as an extended public display. Equipped with a wireless multimedia mouse pointer, one person assumes the role of a coordinator and organizes the “unsorted” data by moving them from the workspace-table to the projected presentation-wall.

Moreover, the coordinator can re-organize the data on the table as well, thus move the scribbles, scale them, and rotate them accordingly. Really a cool project worth keeping up with…

Coeno Toolkit is a work in progress and is not comercially available yet.

More videos of Coeno in action…
More pictures of Coeno in action…