Are you feeling paranoid or that you’re being watched? The Spy Finder should be able to reveal the presence of any camera, Wired or wireless, even if the camera is powered off at the moment. The Spy Finder is just the size of a Bic Lighter and easily fits in your pocket. And the best of all is that it is very easy to use – just look through the viewfinder, press the button and any Hidden Camera should be illuminated and its position revealed…

Protect Yourself from Prying Eyes
Spy Finder is an easy-to-use Hidden Camera Detector. Simply look through the viewing port and scan any room to reveal the exact location of concealed Wireless and Wired Cameras. Use it in dressing rooms or gym locker rooms to protect yourself from prying eyes. Give your loved ones peace-of-mind knowing their privacy has not been compromised.
To scan an area, simply look through the viewing port and depress the button to activate the LEDs. Slowly scan areas where Hidden Cameras are suspected and look for bright-reflected spots. Remember, most Hidden Video Cameras use Pinhole Camera Lenses, so the spot you are looking for could be small.
If you see a suspected camera, move your vantage point slightly. If the location of the reflection moves as you move, then this is not a camera. If the location of the reflection does not move, then it is highly likely that you have discovered the optics of a Hidden Camera.

How it Works
The Spy Finder Hidden Camera Detector/Locator is the most reliable and easy to use technology on the market for confirming that your private actions are not being watched. The Spy Finder’s function is based on the principle of optical augmentation. This technical jargon refers to the phenomenon where light reflected from a focused optical system, such as a Video Camera, is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This means that if a Hidden Camera is illuminated and viewed with the Spy Finder Technology, then a strong reflection from the target camera will reveal its position to the user. The Spy Finder exploits this phenomenon by using a ring of ultra-bright LEDs arranged around a viewing port. When a user scans a room looking through the viewing port, a Hidden Camera appearing in the field of view will brightly reflect the light from the LEDs.

This one definitely sounds interesting, but I wonder how well it does it work finding hidden cameras…?

The price of the Spy Finder Hidden Camera Detector is $99

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The M2-series Heliodiplay is the second-generation mid-air projector with 30-inch diagonal (76cm) display area (4:3 aspect). Heliodisplay images are unique and offer many advantages over existing displays, but the M2 is not designed as a replacement for conventional displays. Are you starting to feel like you are in a SciFi movie already?

The Heliodisplay’s projected image hovers a few inches above the unit. The top of the image is 28″ above the top of the unit. The M2 is about the size of a tower desktop computer case turned on its side. Heliodisplays will work in well-lit environments such as trade show floors, and also low-light environments such as museums and nightclubs. As with any display technology, lower ambient light makes the image easier to see.

Heliodisplay images are not holographic although they are free-space, employing a rear projection system in which images are captured onto a nearly invisible plane of transformed air. What the viewer sees is floating mid-air image or video. These projected images and video are two-dimensional, (i.e. planar) but appear 3D since there is no physical depth reference. While conventional displays have the benefit of being attached to a physical substrate, Heliodisplay projections are suspended in air, so you will notice some waviness to the quality of the projections.


The Heliodisplay is designed to be hidden (into a pedestal, table etc), so that only its projected image is visible. The display connects to a standard video source (such as DVD player or PC) and projects any images that would be viewable on a computer screen or television. No specialized hardware or software is needed to view images.

The interactive version of the Heliodisplay (M2i) allows a finger placed on the floating image to act as a computer pointing device. The user can interact with floating images or video, and manipulate them as you could with a mouse, including clicking and dragging. The M2i comes with Heliocast software and PC drivers to enable this.

Image Size: 30″ measured diagonally (4:3 aspect)
Interactivity: Virtual Cursor Control – Heliocast ver. 2.0
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
Resolution: Native – SVGA 800×600 pixels; Resize Support: 640×350 to 1280×1024 pixels
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 (at projection source)
Color Reproduction: 16.7 Million colors/ full frame video
Video Input connectors: RGB analog, USB, RCA video, S-VIDEO, VGA
Input signal frequency: Fh: 31-80kHz; Fv: 56-120Hz
Video & PC Compatibility: PC, Mac, NTSC, PAL, SECAM HDTV: 480i/480p, 720p, 1080i
Image Translucency: Controllable visibility
Operational Sound Level: 38 dB
Electric Power Voltage: 95-115 or 220-240V VAC
Electric Power Frequency: 47-63 Hz
Electric Power Consumption: 350W
Working Temperature Range: 55F (12C) to 95F (35C)
Working Humidity Range: 25% – 95%
Weight: 34.5lbs/ 15.7kg
Dimensions: (W): 28.3″, (D): 15.9″[29.8″ expanded], (H): 9.3″(71.8cm x 39.6cm [76cm expanded ] x 36cm)
Warranty: six months limited parts and labor

Heliodisplay in action

General demonstration of Heliodisplay…

Sin Episodes Emergence running on Heliodisplay…

The Heliodisplay is still quite an expensive toy so it is definetly not for everyone and not everyone can afford it… for instance I can only dream of having a Heliodisplay, because I have to save all the money I get, and not even spend a cent, in the next five or so years to be able to afford one 🙁

If you want to buy it
+ Heliodisplay M2: $18,100
+ Heliodisplay M2i: $19,400

If you rent it for – 1 week – 2 weeks
+ Heliodisplay M2 – $9,600 – $13,800
+ Heliodisplay M2i – $12,800 – $14,800

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Designed to take the knocks, bumps and other trials of daily life with ease, the exceedingly tough Olympus ?’?µ (mju) 720 SW heralds a brand new era in digital photography. Waterproof to 3m and resistant to falls from up to 1.5m, this attractive yet incredibly robust camera can take pretty much anything life throws at it ???‚??? whether that’s being showered with champers or dropped into a mountain stream.


With interest in extreme sports and activity holidays at an all-time high, the Olympus ?’?µ (mju) 720 SW is set to find a place in many holidaymakers’ backpacks this year. Olympus has optimised the standard weatherproof qualities found in all ?’?µ (mju) cameras, making this new model waterproof to 3m and shockproof according to MIL STD (Military Standard). Now, when other cameras reach their limits – such as at the shoreline of the beach or when crossing a mountain stream – the ?µ (mju) 720 SW really comes into its own.

It’s a classic case of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, as for even more rough stuff, the ?’?µ (mju) 720 SW users can boost the camera’s waterproof capabilities further, from 3m to an incredible 40m with the optional PT-033 underwater case. Being waterproof the ?’?µ (mju) 720 SW is ideal for taking snorkelling or canoeing. Among its 24 scene modes, which cover most everyday shooting situations such as portraits, landscapes or sports, this camera also includes modes specifically created for underwater photography.

Or so the guys at Olympus claim…

…so I tested if they are telling the “shockproof” truth by dropping the camera from about 1.5 meters!

…and then I tested if they are telling the “waterproof” truth by dropping the camera in an aquarium full of water!

And after all the “testing” the Olympus Stylus 720 SW digital camera still works just fine 😉

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