If you have thought that Sony VAIO UX180P Micro PC is an interesting and cool PC, wait until you see the new Sony VAIO UX90 (VGN-UX90PS/UX90S) that comes with solid-state hard drive instead of a mobile hard drive. There is also mobile digital television support (DVB-T) built in the new model…


The VAIO UX90S comes with a 16GB flash-solid state disk (Flash-SSD) instead of the traditional mobile 30GB hard drive used in the previous model. The Flash-SSD allows the system to respond a few times faster than the VAIO UX50 (Outlook application load times drop from 9 seconds to 1.5 seconds) while also improving battery life up to 13%. The weight of the unit is just 492g or with 28 grams less than when normal hard drive is being used.

One of the big advantages of using solid-state flash disk is that the shock and vibration resistance of the device is much higher, because there are no moving parts like in traditional hard drives. Or with other words you don’t need to be extra careful when using the device on the go… 😉

Sony VAIO VGN-UX90PS / VGN-UX90 Specifications
Operating System: Windows XP Professional / Windows XP Home Edition
Processor: Core Solo U1400 (1.20GHz) / Core Solo U1300 (1.06GHz)
Main memory: 512 MB
Storage unit: 16GB flash-solid state disk
Display: 4.5″ WSVGA (1024×600) with XBRITE technology
Power consumption: 20W
Battery: Approximately 4 hours / approximately 2.5 hours
Weight: 492 grams

Sony has set a 209,800 yen price tag ($1,800 USD) and July 3 launch date for the new VAIO UX90 in Japan – nothing yet about the pricing or availability in other countries.


Enjoy having digital entertainment at your fingertips with the VAIO UX Micro PC (VGN-UX180P). So small and lightweight, this full-functioning PC is designed for productivity on the go. With a 4.5″ wide SVGA screen, Intel Core Solo Ultra Low Voltage CPU and Microsoft XP Professional operating system, as well as integrated wireless LAN, wireless WAN and Bluetooth technology built right in. Expansion is a breeze with the included port replicator; you can even opt to add an optional Bluetooth GPS receiver and turn your UX Micro into a portable navigation assistant.

More about the new Sony UX180P


Some interesting features


The Specifications
Model: VGN-UX180P
Processor: Intel Core Solo Processor U1400 ULV (1.20GHz, 2MB L2 Cache)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP 2)
Chipset: Intel 945GMS
Front Side Bus Speed: 533MHz
Integrated Wireless LAN: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (802.11a/b/g)
Integrated Wireless WAN: IWireless Wide Area Network (WAN) accessing Cingular Wireless National EDGE Network with SmartWi technology
Bluetooth Technology: Integrated Bluetooth Technology
LCD Screen: 4.5″ Wide SVGA LCD, Touch Screen (1024×600)
Hard Drive: 30GB 4200rpm Ultra ATA Hard Drive with G-Sensor Shock Protection – Hard Disk Drive Protection
Memory: 512MB PC2-3200 400MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with 128MB dynamically allocated shared RAM/Video memory
Ethernet: Fast Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX (RJ-45)
Audio: Sound System – Windows sound system compatible with Built-in monaural speakers
Audio Interface: Microphone jack, Headphone jack
Media Slot: Memory Stick Media Slot – Supports Optional Memory Stick DUO media with MagicGate functionality
Other Interfaces: 1 USB 2.0 port, port replicator connector, DC-in (1)
Pointing Device: Pointer
Keyboard: 64 keys with 0.15mm stroke and 8.6mm pitch
Action Buttons: Mouse Left, Mouse Right, Scroll, Magnify Screen (Zoom In/Out), Capture, Center Button, Wireless LAN On/Off, VAIO Touch Launcher
Power Requirements: 41W + 10%
Battery: Standard Capacity Lithium-ion Battery (VGP-BPS6)
Estimated Battery Life: Standard Battery: 2.5-4.5 hours
Communication: 2 Built-in Cameras (front: 0.3M pixels and back: 1.3M pixels), Built-in microphone
Security: Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
Body Color: Silver
Supplied Accessories: Cingular SIM Card, Standard Lithium-ion battery (VGP-BPS6), AC Adapter (VGP-AC16V7), Port Replicator (VGP-PRUX1), 4-pin i.LINK interface, 3 USB 2.0, Ethernet, VGA-Out, A/V-out and DC-in, Soft Carrying Case, Power Cord, Stylus, VGA/LAN Adapter – Ethernet, VGA-Out and A/V-Out, Strap
Weight: 1.2lbs. (weight is approximate and may vary)
Measurements: 5.91″(W) x 3.74″(H) x 1.27-1.50″(D)

The price of Sony VAIO UX180P Micro PC is $1,799.99 (so far Sony is only taking pre-orders of the unit)

Get more information about Sony VAIO UX180P Micro PC or pre-order one for you…

Customer Service

26 Jun

Customer service is often at the heart of a business , and if a website isn’t up to the task of handling online inquiries, a client might simply be not interested in spending more time with them. This is what the FAST approach will aim to address.

The idea is to quickly and easily get to the point of getting to know the customer,businesses need to build customer relationships

While the customer service component of the FAST approach may appear to be fairly straightforward at first glance, it is actually quite challenging and complex in practice.

At first, FAST will seek to gain a basic understanding of the customer’s goals and wants. But to do so, you must be able to answer two questions: 1) what is the customer trying to achieve with the company, and 2) what type of person is this person likely to be? To answer the first question, FAST will ask a series of question designed to understand the customer’s personality, goals, personality traits and preferences.

The second question can be asked when the customer approaches you in a conversation or when a product or service is provided to the customer. At this point FAST needs to look for certain criteria that appear to have an impact on the customer’s life, such as: the importance of the individual, how the customer views their job role and the business, the frequency of the interaction, etc. It will then start to draw up a profile of the customer, as well as the features, potential risks and advantages of the product or service that you are providing to the customer.

4. Use customer profiling to understand customer’s needs, identify customer needs & then design the product or service that aligns with them

By understanding the customer’s needs and identifying what they are looking for you can design the product or service that best suits their needs. You also need to take into account all the different parts of the customer’s life, including personal, business and work life.

4.1. Use insights from customer profiling to design and test a product or service To make sure your product is a good fit for your customer, firstly you need to know what they need. This is called the user profile. The purpose of a user profile is to identify the users’ personal and work needs. You then need to test and improve the product or service to identify which areas are most important. What is important for a customer to be able to do on your product or service? This is why customer profiling is extremely important. It allows you to test the product for the most important functions.

Customer profiling helps you test how to do things.

In a market with high prices, and a huge selection of products and services, many companies struggle to sell to their customers. This is because their products or services are so similar to those of the competition. This leads to a very slow sales rate.

The challenge when you want to solve a problem in the market is that there is a lot of information to be collected. So, it is very common to use customer profiling to test your product and services.

Customer profiling helps you to test your product and services. In a market with high prices, and a huge selection of products and services, many companies struggle to sell to their customers. This is because their products or services are so similar to those of the competition. This leads to a very slow sales rate. The challenge when you want to solve a problem in the market is that there is a lot of information to be collected.

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