It seems you are always doing something interesting, so what is displayed on your computer screen at the moment? This cute and friendly, detailed dragon peers over the edge of your computer monitor, but what does he want? The dragon wants to know just what you are doing… or maybe someone is spying on you with a hidden camera inside the dragon! Nah, there is just no way…

Well, I just want one of those dragons, what about you? 😉

The price of the Curious Dragon Computer is $12.95.

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Light Fingers

5 Aug


A hypnotic light coming from your fingertips… just put on your favorite music, turn down the lights, and dazzle yourself or your friends with beams of pure cool-looking color. You control more than 20 different pre-programmed light show patterns, plus a black light and strobe light adding mind-blowing effects. The controls are easy and the whole thing is made from plastic and is very light to hold on your hand. The light fingers require 3 AAA batteries (not included), and the device is suitable even for kids age 6 or up. Although the Light Fingers device looks kind of strange, it sure seems to add a lot of fun using it… 😉

The price of the Light Fingers is just $19.95.

If you are interested in owning one of these…

Piggy Toaster

5 Aug


Can’t imagine starting your day without a little bacon? Here’s a zero-fat alternative: our funny-face, brightly colored porcine appliance. Petite design is compact enough for even limited counter space; removable crumb tray. UL-listed. The body is from plastic and metal and is covered with cute-looking pig face in red color. The size of the Piggy Toaster is 63 x 71 x 51 mm (WxHxD).

The price of the Piggy Toaster is $74.95.

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