DIFRWEAR’s stylish RFID blocking wallets and passport cases are made of the finest quality leather and are built to last. They contain a layer of RF shielding that prevents RFID readers from reading any passive tags stored within. They have a convenient flap to allow easy “flip” access to RFID cards. To allow RFID devices to be read, simply open the wallet or the passport case and direct it towards the reader.


The RFID tags in identification cards have been shown to be insecure. Attackers are able to read and copy information stored on these tags to create copies they can use themselves! But with these wallets and passport cases you’ll have the ability to control when, how and by whom your cards are accessed.

The price of the RFID Blocking Wallet is $15 for the black and $16 for the pink and red models, the price of the passport case is $18 for the black and $19 for the red an tan models.

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Most phones now have a camera and can run Java, there is no reason that some software couldn’t be written to watch for movement in the camera, and translate that into mouse signals for the PC. Bluetooth could be used to send the data to the PC. So there was the challenge, a java program that took multiple frames from the nokia camera, translated that into direction and speed and sent it to the PC as mouse movements.

The software that is being used is still not available for download!

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The Aigo F529 1GB Omnisphere Digital Audio System truly revolutionizes the music listening experience! The F529’s elegant sleek design is a first in integrated MP3/Amplifier/Speaker technology. With its built-in 1GB flash memory, you can store up to 250 MP3 files or 500 WMA files on the system, and let the amazing 360 degree omni-directional sound give you a whole new listening experience of your favorite tunes!

It will also light up your room with different mood colors, as it features a high illumination LED with a staggering 4096 colors! These can be set to mimic your music. Working from the mains, there are no clunky buttons interfering with the magnificent design – just sleek, elegant curves creating a sensual feel to the device – guaranteed to light up any home or office environment.

With an expandable memory slot (MMC/SD up to 2GB) and auxilliary input also featured on the device, you can really experience as much of your music as you want, with the speakers boasting a superb 5??????watt output Dynamic Bass Compensation for rich bass sounded quality.

The price of the Aigo F529 1GB Omnisphere Digital Audio System is about $135.

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