KuroDock for Black iPod Nano

23 Jul


KuroDock is a limited edition charging/docking system specifically designed for Black iPod Nanos. It features an ultra-bright white LED light bar with red activity sync indicator to indicate when the iPod nano is transferring data on the dock. “Kuro” in Japanese means “the color black” 😉


– Compact size
– Bright white LED indicator bar (blinks red when iPod is transfering data)
– Industry standard mini Type B USB port
– Attenuating stereo volume line out
– External 12v DC charge port
– USB Type A to mini Type B connector
– “Made for iPod” certified product
– Dimensions: 48x54x16 mm
– Weight: 72 grams

Suggested retail price for KuroDock is $29.99 USD or $29.99 Euro and will be available in limited quantities only in the EU market or directly online. In addition, a 12V DC charger for the KuroDock will be available at $8.99 USD or $8.99 Euro.

Learn more about the KuroDock and how to buy one

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