i.Beat vision Depeche Mode MP3 player

29 Jul


For more than 25 years, Depeche Mode has been one of the music industry’s most prolific bands selling over 50 million sound carriers in that time. The band from Basildon near London is heralding in its third decade in the business with the new album “Playing the Angel”.


Additionally to supporting conventional MP3, WMA and OGG files, the i.Beat vision Depeche Mode further implements WMA DRM (Digital Rights Management) 9 format, often needed for playing songs purchased in the Internet. It can also play back videos, display JPEG photos, receive FM radio and be used as a dictation machine. This new i.Beat is aimed at music fanatics who not only want to listen to music files and radio, but also want to watch music videos. The stylishly designed player is available in black, with white overprint, and 256 MB to 2 GB of storage capacity. This translates to up to 600 songs or 20 hours of video.

Just 14.2mm thick, the i.Beat vision Depeche Mode is an extremely flat and dexterous multi-talented gadget. The crystal clear color display and ergonomic navigation with animated menu guidance provide for quick access to the stored multimedia files. The i.Beat vision Depeche Mode also comes with powerful software for converting existing video data into the employed MPEG4 format. The MPEG4 videos can then be played on the 1.3″ TFT color LCD display with a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels and 262,000 brilliant colors.

The SRS WOW setting of the i.Beat vision Depeche Mode provides users with impressive sound quality in surround sound. A further highlight is the USB host function (on the go = OTG) which allows images to be copied across directly from digital cameras, for example. Consequently, the i.Beat vision Depeche Mode can also be used for mobile data storage, exchanging information with the PC via a high-speed USB 2.0 interface.

With dimension of just 75.2mm x 34.5mm x 14.2mm, the trendy player is particularly wieldy. Its powerful lithium polymer power pack is also recharged via the USB interface.

The price of the i.Beat vision Depeche Mode MP3 player is between $203 and $309, depending of the size of the built in flash memory (256 MB to 2 GB).

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