With Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Force Trainer you are One Step Away from Becoming a Jedi

19 Apr

The Force Trainer by Uncle Milton actually allows you to control a Jedi Training Remote with your mind, by tapping into cutting-edge brainwave technology. By utilizing dry neural sensor technology, you hear a special headset that reads and interprets your brainwaves and turns them into a movement of an object – just like a real Jedi. The deeper your concentration and the better mental focus you achieve, the greater your ability to move the Training Sphere up or down the Training Tower gets.

You’ll have to progress from a Padawan to Jedi Master as you master the use of “The Force” through 15 levels of training that increase after each other, making more challenging sequences, but thankfully you are being aided by training cues and instruction from the master of all Jedi Masters himself, Yoda. Additional Star Wars sound effects confirm accomplishment and provide encouragement throughout your training with the advancement and current level of your training being displayed on the Training Tower control panel for you to constantly keep track of. A great gift for any Star Wars fan, especially for kids…

The price of the Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Force Trainer is $80 USD.

To get a Star Wars Force Trainer and start training to be a Jedi…

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