The Voice-Activated R2-D2 Robot

9 May


This cool R2-D2 robot replica from the Star Wars movie series accepts voice commands, navigates around the room will make your home feel like a true Star Wars movie decor. The voice activated R2-D2 can recognize more than 40 different voice commands such as “Turn around!” or “Move forward two units!” or play a game of tag with you, using its built-in infrared sensors. His sensors help him follow you, or it can be set to detect motion, turning your R2-D2 into a room sentry that sounds an alarm when a secured area is invaded by someone. R2’s lights, swiveling dome top, and distinctive happy and sad sounds faithfully mimic the real thing, right down to his occasional “bad mood”. R2 can also replay sounds and dialog from the Star Wars movies, answer yes-or-no questions, and dance while playing the famed Cantina music. The voice-activated R2-D2 robot is fun to own, but is also a great gift for any true Star Wars fan…

And here’s the the little R2-D2 droid in action…

The voice-activated R2-D2 robot is priced at $169.95.

You can get your own Star Wars R2-D2 robot in here…

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