Solar-Powered Sun Bricks

1 Aug


The Solar-Powered Sun Bricks use solar panels to charge during the day, when the night comes they turn on automatically a LED array to make the place they are put an easier to follow path even in complete darkness.

The best of all is that there are no external power requirements or wires whatsoever, you can’t find a simpler or more inexpensive way to illuminate dark walkways around your home or in your garden. Just replace a few of the standard bricks or pavers with those completely self-contained Sun Bricks.


Flush-to-the-ground, integral solar panels generate up to 8 hours of light each night. So guests can follow a cheerfully illuminated path to your door. Amber LEDs provide a warm, welcoming glow, consume little power, and can’t burn out.

Sun Bricks come on automatically when darkness falls, and incur no operating costs. Just recess them in your walkway, and forget them!

The price for a pair of Sun Bricks is $59.95.

If you are interested in the Solar-Powered Sun Bricks…

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