Self-Stirring Mug for any Drink

14 Jul


A great gift for everyone that drinks a lot of coffee during his daily work in front of a PC. This mug has a miniature battery-operated propeller at the bottom of the well that spins at 3,000 rpms at the touch of a button on the handle, automatically stirring your beverage and eliminating the need to dispose of stirrers or find a place to leave coffee-dampened spoons.

At your command the propeller re-stirs mugs of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, preventing chocolate or sugar from settling out of solution, and overcoming the traditional challenge of adequately mixing honey in a hot drink. The mug includes a lid to keep contents from spilling and to retain heat, and the lid can be placed underneath the mugs base as an impromptu coaster. The mug is lightweight injection-molded plastic sheathed in a stainless steel exterior. The mug requires two standard 1.5 volt AA batteries.

The price of the Self-Stirring Mug is $29.95 for a set of two mugs.

If you want to get yourself a Self-Stirring Mug…

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