Remote Controlled WowWee Rovio Robot

19 Sep

That thing is an affordable remote controlled robot, no way! WowWee’s new robot toy named Rovio just looks amazing at least on pictures, it is almost like something that just came out form NASA and is designed to explore the space and unknown planets. Actually we are talking about a remote controlled robot designed for patrolling your home while you are gone. The robot has some degree of autonomy, but is designed more in a way to be controller by a human. WowWee Rovio comes equipped with a WiFi connection which allows you control it from anywhere in the world given that you have a web capable mobile phone or a computer with internet connection.

The robot has a built-in web camera that provides high-resolution (640×480 pixels) video along with a microphone and speakers allowing voice interaction with the robot, for instance with your kids at home, while you are away on a business trip for instance. Rovio has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows for about two hours usage and then the robot can find it’s recharging station and go recharge automatically to be ready for more action. There are three wheels supporting the chassis, providing 360 degrees of movement movement freedom, allowing the robot go go almost anywhere around your home, surveying it’s surroundings. You can configure the robot with up to 10 paths for a customized patrol, it will move along each path, detecting and avoiding obstacles with it’s infrared sensor, and repeat the sequence until you give new orders. There are probably even more interesting things about the cool Rovio robot, but we should wait a bit more, until it is made officially available…

The current price of the Rovio is $299.95, you can pre-order now to get it in the beginning of October.

More information about the RC WowWee Rovio Robot…

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