Power Cop – A Timer Limiting the Amount of Used Energy

9 Aug


This easy-to-install power usage timer locks away cords to electronic devices for easy monitoring of kids’ habits. Open the Power Cop using one of the two included keys. Plug the chosen electronic device into the Power Cop and plug the Power Cop into the wall. Program the Power Cop, and then lock the unit. The tamper-proof lock will prevent kids from accessing the attached electronic device for extra fun time when they should be studying.

Ideal not only for video games, but also for televisions, stereos and other devices. The Power Cop can be programmed with a different usage time for each day of the week with a minimum schedule interval of 15 minutes. It can be set to unrestricted mode to enable usage at any time or turned to “off” to disable usage of an electronic device completely.

The Power Cop will beep and flash to alert the user as time runs down. An internal battery supply saves the timer schedule and the battery recharges itself automatically from the power line, so you won’t have to worry about the device stopping to function because the battery dies.

The price of the Power Cop device is currently $16.99.

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