Pleo – The Realistic Robot Dinosaur

28 May

Pleo is an autonomous robotic life form modeled on a one-week-old Camarasaurus dinosaur. The cute-looking robot is designed to mimic life which means Pleo thinks and acts independently, just like a real animal would do. In general, it looks, moves, and behaves in ways that would almost make you think it is actually alive. Specifically, Pleo has organic body language, exhibits evolving emotions, is aware of his surroundings and has recognizable behaviors that change over time. At the heart of Pleo is Life OS, the operating system software that enables Pleo to act independently and will evolve Pleo’s personality according to his interactions with you and the environment.

The robot-toy progresses through three different Life Stages. When first awakened, Pleo is a hatchling. As you interact together, Pleo transitions through an infant stage to become a juvenile dinosaur. Then the fun really starts! As Pleo is a highly sophisticated product which evolves into an inquisitive animal that requires attention and care, Pleo is not suitable or intended for children under 8 years old. Smaller children may damage the robot, so it is a good idea to be careful when deciding to get it or not…

Camarasaurus (KAM-ah-rah-sawr-us) means “Chambered Lizard” (Greek kamara = chamber and sauros = lizard), referring to the holes in its vertebrae. Camarasaurus is the best-known sauropod found in North America and the most abundant of fossils from the Late Jurassic period. Camarasaurus also lived in Europe, where it survived into Early Cretaceous times. A complete, nearly perfect skeleton of a juvenile, 17 foot (5.2 meters) long, was found in Utah. Its head was short and box-like with nostrils set above the snout and in front of the eyes. The weight of its backbone was lightened by holes in its vertebrae. Its neck was shorter and thicker than most sauropods, and it possessed a short and somewhat flattened tail. The forelimbs and hind legs of Camarasaurus were about the same length.

Of course the best thing you can expect from an electronic toy is to have a power on/off button, unlike a real pet. Pleo uses a Ni-Mh rechargeable battery that can last for about an hour or 1:20 hours of play time with a single charge. There is also an SD flash card reader and mini USB connection so that you can program the dinosaur (with additional software) or update the built-in OS, when updates are available. Currently Pleo is the most realistic looking and acting robot toy, something you can also see in the video below showing the robot-dinosaur in action and also even interacting with a second Pleo…

In USA you can get Pelo for as low as $309.99, and in Europe it will cost you about $457.

To get your Pleo Robot-Dinosaur in USA for $309.99…

To order a Pleo Robot-Dinosaur in Europe (about $457)…

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