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4 Sep


The PetsCell is the first voice enabled waterproof GPS cell phone optimized for animals. Measuring approximately 5 cms wide, 2.5 cms thick and 9.4 cms long, the PetsCell sets the standard for GPS tracking devices for pets. Unlike any other ‘Rush to Market’ products currently available. The PetsCell utilizes the new CDMA / GPS tracking technology, rather than the current GSM technology. This technology is so new, PetsMobility is the first company to be provisioned by network providers to use this technology in the (LBS) pet industry.

What does that mean for you? Well, GSM is a cheap and economical tracking device for GPS systems, however in the tracking ability of the device, it can be out of range any where from 300 ft to a mile or more. It’s called ‘Drift’ and really doesn’t help you locate anything smaller than a 747. PetsMobility’s new CDMA technology and tracking algorithms diminish the GPS Drift and sets the standard of the most accurate GPS tracking in the industry today.

Incorporating this industry leading GPS technology with the 2-way communication ability, a built in temperature sensor and being completely waterproof, makes the PetsCell the leader in GPS positioning systems for pets.

The PetsCell has the ability to program a Geo-fence around a given area, that will notify you if your pet has left that specific area. If your pet is lost, there are three ‘call owner’ buttons on the unit that can be pre-programed to contact you directly. Anyone finding your Pet can simply call you directly and let you know your dogs whereabouts. The PetsCell is the only waterproof GPS device to offer that service in the world.

The PetsCell will be available latter this year.

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