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21 Jun


The Z800 3DVisor is the world’s first personal display system to combine two OLED microdisplays with stereovision 3D capabilities, stereo audio, a noise-canceling microphone, and an integrated head tracker. The eMagin Z800 3DVisor uniquely provides a view equivalent to a 105-inch screen at twelve feet with 3D capability. Its high-speed head tracker enables full 360-degree virtual-surround viewing.

At the core of the Z800 3DVisor is a pair of eMagin SVGA 3D OLED (organic light-emitting diode) microdisplays. These microdisplays incorporate the same OLED display technology currently being used by the US Army Land Warrior program and many other high performance display systems. They deliver high-speed, high-resolution (800×600 triad pixels), high-color (>16 million) imagery for near-eye applications. eMagin’s OLED microdisplays are thinner and lighter than Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). In addition, because OLED materials emit their own light, they require less power, permitting the Z800 3DVisor to deliver stereovision, head tracking, and hi-fi sound from a single USB power source.


OLED displays offer higher contrast and a wider dispersion of light, making them more comfortable for near-eye use. eMagin’s patented 3D OLED displays can recognize and deliver left-eye and right-eye stereovision signals with unsurpassed efficiency. Color data is buffered under each pixel site, eliminating flicker and smear. If only 2D information is available the Z800 3DVisor still delivers unsurpassed visual quality.

Stereovision 3D
The Z800 3DVisor uses two OLED microdisplays to accomplish this 3D effect with an advanced stereoscopic technique. When a frame-sequential 3D signal is input into the Z800 3DVisor, the Z800 divides the signal so that it alternates between both OLED Microdisplays. Each eye sees a different, but constant, perspective to mimic normal stereoscopic sight, creating a realistic 3D image. Since the OLED Microdisplays refresh so quickly, much faster than your average LCD display, no noticeable flicker is produced. To further eliminate flicker, each display uses analog DRAM to grab and hold information from refresh to refresh, meaning the display never has an opportunity to go black or “decay.” The responsiveness and constant imagery combine to create the best 3D experience on the market today.
Many games on the market do have stereovision 3D compatibility. Many times, this compatibility is not detailed on the game’s packaging. Therefore, eMagin recommends that for specific games you download a demo version or contact the game’s manufacturer. Some examples of compatible games are Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004, Doom 3, Painkiller, Half-Life 2 and America’s Army.

Integrated Headtracker
The Z800 3DVisor’s integrated headtracker uses micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect motion. The headtracker features three gyroscopes, one each for the X-, Y-, and Z-axis. In addition, the headtracker contains corresponding compasses and accelerometers to ensure performance over varying forms of motion.
The Z800 3DVisor comes bundled with mouse emulation software specifically designed for use with the eMagin headtracker. After installation, the program runs in the background and translates detected head motion into motion on your screen. Specialized settings in the bundled software, Windows mouse controls, and special in-game settings can all be used to fine-tune the mouse emulation to your preferences.

Model Name: eMagin Z800 3DVisor & eMagin X800 3DVisor*
Viewing Equivalent: 105 inch diagonal movie screen viewed at 12 feet
View Angle: ~ 40 deg diagonal FOV
Headtracking: 360?’?° horizontal, >60?’?° vertical (Not included in the X800)
Aspect Ratio: 4 x 3
Resolution: SVGA ???‚??? 800 x 600 triad pixels per display (1.44 megapixels)
Number of Colors:24-bit color for more than 16.7 million
Brightness: >50 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: >200:1
Stereovision: Automatic detect of frame-sequential stereovision data Renders 2D or 3D video
Controller Dimension: 6.1 in L X 3.45 in W X 1.15 in D
Weight (display set): <8 oz (<227 g) Power Consumption: <1.25W typical Power Supply: USB or 5V DC regulated Signal Input Mode: RGB Signal Input (PC D-Sub) 24 bit per pixel color Audio Output: Attached stereo sound Microphone System: Built-in noise-canceling microphone

Price of the eMagin Z800 3DVisor European Version is $649.

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