Alienware M11x Compact Gaming Laptop

17 Feb

What would you say about having an ultraportable laptop with a set of sweet features, including long hours of battery usage that can as well double as a powerful gaming laptop? Sounds impossible, right, but then again this is just what the new 11.6-inch Alienware M11x compact gaming laptop offers you. The power for High Definition gaming and ultra portability in a single laptop is no longer a fantasy and in fact, fantasy games are going to look great, when buying a computer you should also invest in a pair of headphones from The Alienware M11x redefines the gaming capabilities of a truly portable laptop by cramming in graphics capabilities that enable 720p gaming at 30 FPS, along with a long battery life when you need to work on it and not play, so what more could the ‘on the move’ gamer want from a laptop…

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Alienware M11x packs in the graphics power of a 15-inch laptop, but in an 11.6 inch form factor thanks to the 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M graphics card (72 stream processors!). So this way you’ll be able to enjoy a high definition gaming experience, with high frame rates. If you are not going to be playing games for a few hours you can switch over to the integrated graphics with BinaryGFX for a boost in battery life… up to 8.5 hours of battery life. The long battery life on integrated graphics has been achieved with the usage of ULV or Ultra Low Voltage dual-core processors from Intel that consume little energy while still giving you high performance.

This is how big the Alienware M11x actually is, the only drawback that some of you may find is the lack of optical drive built-in the chassis, but that is not such a problem you can always go for an external optical drive if you need it. But hey, when was the last time you needed to put a DVD disk in your laptop to get something that you could not get over the net?

The 11.6-inch, white LED backlit display features a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, so you can enjoy HD games and movies without compromise… even when you’re on the road. And if you want to check out a Full HD video or play on a larger screen you can just use the DisplayPort or HDMI output to connect to a monitor or television and let your friends and family enjoy the show. You also get a full set of connectivity options to extend the functionality of the laptop as you might see fit and of course you can customize the amount of RAM you;ll need or the size of the HDD.

The basic configuration of Alienware M11x starts at $799 USD…

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