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The TeleFace Phone enables users to call a person by pressing a photo. No telephone numbers to remember or “memory locations”. Just install the photos of the most frequently called persons (family members, friends) into the 5 windows and store the relevant telephone numbers. Press the photo of the person you wish to call and TeleFace does the rest. The only drawback is if you need more that 5 numbers on “quick dial”, you’ll have to choose the most important ones 😉

Availabe in orange and green with a price of $29.99

If you are interested in buying a Ronsonic TeleFace Phone…

Mop Slippers

11, Sep 2006


Aside from their fashionable design, these Mop Slippers also perform. Fashion and function. Mop the floor while you drag your feet around the house, grocery store or shopping mall. Classic mop shoe designs accessorize well with anything. This deal includes 2 pair (4 slippers), they are machine washable. Wearing those slippers will probably make the area of the floor around your PC the cleanest in the house… 😉

The price of the Mop Slippers is $12 for 2 pairs.

If you can’t wait to get your feet in these slippers…

Metal Desk Catapult

7, Sep 2006


Office warfare has always existed. Sometimes it’s full out regicide, but normally it just begins by pestering your coworkers. Office warfare is, however, very addictive. It starts when you shoot your first rubber band at an unsuspecting person standing near the water cooler. It then progresses to spit balls and flinging small objects with rulers. Eventually, like most addictions, you begin to use the harder stuff: siege engines.

Clink???‚?¦clink???‚?¦clink. That’s the sound of this all-metal (except, of course, for the mini rope) desk catapult ratcheting back into its loading position. Once it is poised, load in your projectile du jour (we’ve found caffeinated mints make excellent ammo) and let it fly. This catapult is perfect for displaying on the corner of your desk. It looks so fancy, everyone will think it’s just decoration. And that’s when you nail them. Defend your desk in style.

The price of the Metal Desk Catapult is $34.99

If you want to own one of these “decorative” catapults…