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Magnetic Viewing Paper

14, May 2007

This paper is so intriguing because it enables you to view the varying magnetic patterns of individual magnets. Take the obscure and begin “viewing” it like it’s magic. The magnetic viewing paper is made of millions of tiny metal particles that are suspended in oil within a 20 x 50mm laminated sheet of plastic. When a magnet is placed next to this “viewing paper”, the particles become magnetized.

The Magnetic Viewing Paper available for just $1.95 a piece.

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Red Mushroom Chair

17, Apr 2007


A small red mushroom chair looking just like the mushrooms in all the Super Mario games and a few other among them. The chair is about 7.25″ tall and with 10″ cap diameter, which may be pretty small for some people (it is a Japanese product after all), but anyway come and join the Mushroom Club 😉

The Red Mushroom Chair is available for $18.99

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You fell asleep in the same old bedroom, but you’ll feel like you’re waking up in a mountain meadow, when you use our Songbird Serenade Clock. Just slip your choice of up to 27 optional Song Cards into the front panel – each containing actual digital recordings for 10 different birds.

Set the time, and awaken to nature’s own concert – a bright, cheerful rhapsody of whippoorwills, cardinals, finches, thrushes, and meadowlarks, culminating with the now-or-never wake up call from a barnyard rooster! Choose the “hourly” setting, and hear a different bird at the top of each hour! Runs for a year on just 3 AAA batteries (not included), or with the optional AC adapter. Comes with one Songbird Song Card, and the other cards are available for $9.95 each.

The price of the Songbird Serenade Clockpad is $29.95.