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The Alsa Corporation’s Eclipse is a single event heat reactive basecoat that changes from Black to White or from Blue to White. Eclipse can be sprayed through any standard paint equipment. For the most brilliant white change, Eclipse should be applied over a white base. For unlimited possibilities try putting a Candy Concentrate over the Eclipse.


For example Apple Red Candy over Black to White Eclipse will result in a black to Red change, Eclipse can also be combined with any other specialty products for truly unique effects. Just think of what you can do for example with lets say your laptop chasis or PC case – you’ll always know what are the most heated parts 😉

How To Apply Eclipse
Step 1. – Prep and Prime the surface as you would for any other paint job.
Step 2. – Apply your choice of basecolors (white will product the most dramatic effect).
Step 3. – Reduce the Eclipse 1:1 with Urethane Reducer.
Step 4. – Apply 2 to 3 coats until desired effect is achieved.
Step 5. – Air dry 15 min.
Step 6. -At this time you can either continue with Candies etc. or move on to the final clear.
Step 7. -Topcoat with our recommended clear (Sun Screen Clear) as this clear contains a very strong UV Blocker to insure long life of the Eclipse basecoat.

The price of 1 Pint Black/White Eclipse is $249, 1 Quart will cost you $399

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It weighs less than a candy bar and we either carry it with us or we keep it within easy reach, around the clock. Try getting through the day without your mobile phone! Your trusty companion is in constant danger. The threat of damage from dirt or moisture is one of the most serious threats to your mobile, but not only to your phone, to your social life as well! With Skins, you can now protect your mobile – and all the numbers it contains – against damage from water, dirt, mud, paint, moisture and much, much more!

It’s all in the name… Skins protects your mobile phone against water, dirt, mud, paint, sweat, blood, snow and much more! Now you can carry your phone wherever you go and you can make and receive calls anywhere, at the beach, in the shower, even in pouring rain! Skins also protects your phone against dust, sand and cement. Skins helps you avoid even minor damage to your mobile, simply and easily.

Did you know that on a global scale last year around 68 million mobile phones have been damaged due to water or dirt? Keeping in mind that there are 1.7 billion mobile phones in the world, this means one out of every 25 mobile phones! Thanks to SKINS this is now a thing of the past.

The extremely transparent and protective mobile cover protects your phone under nearly all circumstances. Skins are always tight around your phone thanks to the 75 micron thickness and a maximum stretch of 7 times its own length!

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