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This necklace is made from recycled printed circuitboard, and it sure looks cooool! With the Round Circuitboard Necklace you will show your inner geek off to the world with a style, don’t you think so? Also a great gift for any dork, nerd or computer geek on your friends list, they’re eco-friendly too!

Each round pendant is 4cm in diameter and is made from 100% recycled motherboard from old computers and the adjustable length necklace is made from vege-friendly waxed cotton. So not only you’ll look cool with such necklace, but you’ll also help save the planet (in a way)… 😉

The price of the Round Circuitboard Necklace is $9.95

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Shower Breasts

29, Jul 2006


Do you fancy fondling a pert pair of boobs in the shower every day? Actually that’s probably a silly question. Well now you can do just that, and make them squirt into the bargain. Before this descends into Carry On territory, we should make it clear that the Shower Breasts are a fun and saucy shower gel/shampoo dispenser. Well what else could we have been insinuating?


Shower Breasts are guaranteed to make you want to wash more often. This naughty nipple-topped pair attaches to your shower wall with the suckers provided, with each bosom having a compartment for shower gel, shampoo or conditioner. To dispense, simply squeeze away – but be warned, you could run out of shower gel very quickly…


A great fun gift, Shower Breasts are so tactile that you’ll be ready to move into the shower. In fact, if any female Boys Stuff fans out there are having trouble with their man’s personal hygiene, this could be the solution. And all that squeezing is sure to help build his biceps, so everyone’s a winner 😉

The price of the Shower Breasts is about $27.

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Coughing Ashtray

29, Jul 2006


This ashtray is designed to look like a real pair of lungs. As you place your cigarette on the trough, it starts coughing and screaming as if a real cigarette is being lighted up inside real lungs! Great novelty gift item for the ardent smoker or for someone who needs help with give up smoking. But as a non-smoker I wouldn’t need one of these…

WARNING: You may really want to give up smoking if you decide to use this ashtray 😉

The price of the Coughing Ashtray is about 10$.

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