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Each Breezy Singer bird features a motion-activated photo sensor, which brings it to life with realistic tail, neck, and beak movements and genuine bird songs every time you walk by. These little birds look and sound like the real thing!


Each bird’s motion-and-light sensor is located below its head on its front torso. When light changes in front of the bird, such as a moving shadow or a person walking, the bird chirps its lovely little song. Sounds and looks of birds are based on research provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Each bird requires 3 LR44 batteries (included). On/off switch is located on the bottom of the birds’ torsos.

Available birds include: Northern Saw Whet Owl, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Cardinal, Common Yellowthroat, American Goldfinch, American Robin, Blue Jay, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Cardinal, Yellow Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, Common Yellowthroat, Blue Parakeet, Green Parakeet, Common Kingfisher, Japanese Great Tit and Japanese White-Eye.

Takara Breezy Singers Birds can be purchased for about $14 to $19 USD.

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Mini Pet Cactus

1, Sep 2006


Virtual pets are fun, but sometimes they can be a virtual pain in the virtual backside. You have to virtually feed them and virtually play with them. And yes, they virtually love you, but it’s just not the same as real love. But one has to admit, most virtual pets are easy to carry around, whereas most real pets either won’t fit in your pocket (like a dog) or wouldn’t survive in your pocket (like a trout). We have the solution: the Mini Pet Cactus.

The Mini Pet Cactus will love you unconditionally. All you have to do it is water it once a month for about a minute (instructions on packaging). Each cactus comes with a strap to attach to your jacket, cell phone, etc., so you can take it with you everywhere. Nothing says fun like talking to your cactus in a public place – until security asks you to leave, that is. Want to display your new pet at home or in the office? Try the Mini Pet Cactus Stand (sold separately). It has an adhesive back to attach to a wall, your monitor, your forehead, etc. The Mini Pet Cactus is waiting to be adopted… by you!

The price of the Mini Pet Cactus is $8.99

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Blue LED Faucet Light

31, Aug 2006


Tired of that same old monotonous water? Bored with water that doesn’t look like futuristic alien mouthwash? Need to make your midnight bathroom appointments more exhilarating? Then you need to get the blue LED faucet attachment. You can turn any faucet in your home into a streaming blue lagoon of techie-bliss in just minutes. How does it work? Just attach to the end of your faucet (universal adapters included), and when the water flows through the magic chamber, it simply turns on the blue LED array and illuminates the stream with a soothingly powerful crystal blue hue.

The price of the Blue LED Faucet Light is $12.99

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