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Now you could strike it rich with a stake in a real goldmine. This is a truly unique gift that gives the recipient a genuine stake in a real goldmine in the world famous Yukon territory in Canada, where the popular 1896 gold rush began. This is possible thanks to a British man called Dorian Amos who gave up his comfortable life in the UK and moved his family out to the wilds of northern Canada. There he built a log cabin for his wife and son, and laid his claim. Now you can share in their adventure with a real stake in Dorian’s goldmine.

The gift pack “Own a Stake in a Real Gold Mine” includes a copy of his book “The Good Life” which tells their inspiring story. You will receive it in a stylish metal gift box containing: a welcome letter, maps & information on the area, the 200 page book “The Good Life” by Dorian Amos. Upon completion of the enclosed registration card, you will also receive a personalised certificate confirming your stake in the goldmine. Now you can sit back and see if you can strike in rich in the Yukon territory, without even having to go there or having to move a finger.

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USB Humping Bunnies

19, Oct 2008


The USB Humping Bunnies are not much different than the USB Humping Dogs at least when we are talking about their purpose, which is just the same – to entertain you and your friends for a while. When you plug one of these USB Humping Bunnies in your laptop it will start humping it and that is what is fun about them, at least for a while, plus the bunnies look cuter than the dogs, although that depends on your personal preferences. The USB Humping Bunnies have one advantage over the dog version, because they come with 1GB built-in flash memory, which makes them somewhat useful and not just some weird and fun gadget.


This USB Humping Bunnies are blind-boxed, which means you’ll be totally surprised by what you get. Blind-boxed items come sealed from the manufacturer, without any clue on the color or type of bunny until you open the box, so you’ll be surprised when you open the box. Anyway there are only two types of USB Humping Bunnies so far – a black and a white one and both of them look cool enough.

The price of the USB Humping Bunnies with 1GB flash memory is $15.

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Sarah Palin or actually Sarah Louise Heath Palin, does that name ring any bells for you? That is the current (11th) governor of Alaska and she is the first woman to hold the office, but you probably didn’t know that. Just a few days ago you probably had no idea who the Governor of Alaska was, unless maybe if you live in that state. But now she’s the most famous woman in the land, because she is running for Vice President and that cannot be left unnoticed… and now you can even get some action figures with Sarah Palin’s look. That’s one thing you must love about America – One week you can be a virtual nobody and the next week, you can be turned into an action figure…


You can get a Schoolgirl or a Superhero Sarah Palin action figure, or even both if you like. Each of the two are collectible-grade Sarah Palin action figures, 12-inches tall and fully poseable. So if you’ve decided you want Sarah Palin for Vice President you can start by getting some of her action figures first and wait to see if other people will follow your decision too… 😉

The Sarah Palin action figures are available for $29.99.

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