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Blogging has become quite a popular thing to do, and a lot of people use blogs. But how can you tell “the offline” part of the world that you are blogger and of course how to do it with style. Now you can do that with the Blogito, Ergo Sum T-shirt…

The “Blogito, Ergo Sum” on the t-shirt is in Latin and it tarnslates to “I Blog, therefore I am”, as you probably already have guessed it comes from the popular saying “Cogito, ergo sum” meaning “I think, therefore I am”. This t-shirt is charcoal with a blogger-brown button dead-center on the chest with “Blogito, ergo sum” in white. Beneath, a small reminder that you might not be as popular as you think: “Comments (0).”

The bloggers t-shirt is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL sizes wit price racing form $14.99 to $16.99 (depending on the size).

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HTTP Message Thongs

1, Sep 2006


You can bring some HTTP-communication to your real-life with these thongs. They are made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane. The sizes correspond to the following European sizes: S – 36, M – 38, L – 40, XL – 42. And the HTTP messages surely make a nice addition to them, you are definitely going to start getting some interesting responses when wearing them… 😛

The price of a single HTTP Message Thong is about $18.

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You have hired the DJ and pressed the shirt and the party starts in one hour. But what’s this… no cufflinks! Party animals should never leave home without a set of our wallet emergency cufflinks which are designed to nestle in your wallet next to the platinum card.


They are very easy to use, just twist them out of the sheet and fold to lock the cuffs in place. Keep the spare pair of wallet emergency cufflinks for next time. These cufflinks are made form 0.25mm Stainless steel.

The price of the Emergency Wallet Cufflinks is $16.

Get some Emergency Wallet Cufflinks so you’ll always be prepared…