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Unlike anything you have seen before, the original GlowFur apparel is setting a new standard of wearable art… furry clothes that actually glow in the dark when you wear them. GlowFur is simply the greatest clothes you can put on for a night in the club or when you go to a party…

GlowFur is available in the form of Sweaters, Long Coats, 3/4 Coats, Bolero’s, Jackets, Vests, Club Wear for both women and men and there are even some Wristbands, Leggings, Hats, Purses and Belts. Depending on the item, the price may vary from $20 to about $800.

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This is really a great idea for a gift to every geek’s (or apple fan) girlfriend or wife, at least until the iPhone becomes available… 😉

The iPhone Thong Panties are available in black and white and the bidding starts at 10$.

Go to the eBay auction page for the iPhone Thong Panties…

Windows BOD T-shirt

19, Feb 2007


Why wait for Windows to show you the Blue Screen of Death when you can always wear it on your t-shirt? And where the hell did the RED error screen in Vista go… 😉

This shirt is currently available in sizes S up to XXL with a price of about $25.

If you want to buy a Windows BOD T-shirt…