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The computer is personal again, and nowhere is this more evident than in HP’s fantastic new skins! These vinyl “outfits” for your desktop PC, monitor, and notebook PC are available in a range of designs, colors, patterns and styles, including sports, entertainment, comics, and even famous brand names. Want to be even more unique? You can create your own design. HP skins will jazz up your computer and set you apart from the crowd!


– Dazzle viewers with the high-tech color, gloss, and sharpness
– Make a statement: choose art that reflects who you are: a stock image, your school logo, comics, music, sports, and more!
– Create your own design: just upload your images and print
– Get a perfect fit: HP skins are made for the exact shape and size of your HP PC and monitor
– Apply and remove easily: a high-quality 3M adhesive makes these vinyl covers low-maintenance to reposition or replace; they won’t damage your computer finish or void your hardware warranties
– Leave on for up to five years: HP skins are super durable
– Change your d?“?©cor to suit your mood: switch designs as often as you like
– Get inside your desktop computer if necessary: the skins won’t interfere with opening and closing of the tower


Personalize your HP products with HP skins has partnered with HP to bring you the latest in personalization. Set yourself apart from the crowd and create a PC environment that reflects your tastes and passions. Connect to your PC in a completely new way. Choose among many different designs, amazing colors and patterns or choose your PC skin among famous brands for you and the rest of the family.

High quality 3M vinyl
Each PC skin is made from a new durable 3M high quality vinyl and adhesive offering the best quality for your HP products. Not only the skins look great and have an amazing glossy finish but they are built to last. You can leave the skin on your HP products up to 5 years.

Easy to apply, easy to remove
You may be anxious about the ease of application of these skins. Thanks to new 3M adhesive, these skins are easily adjustable. Gently peal off and reposition the skins until you find the best position. It is really easy and quick. And if you change your mood and want to go back to your original HP look, you can remove the skin leaving little or no residue.


Perfect fit
SkinIt has developed the perfect skin for your HP PC and your HP Monitor to offer HP customers the best personalization experience. These skins will come with printed graphical elements like “USB 2.0” or “CompactFlash” you can continue to use your PC with ease. These skins have been designed to perfectly fit the shape and size of your HP products. For example, the skins will not prevent you to open your desktop/tower PC for upgrade or service purposes.

High-quality print
SkinIt uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology. Our skins are printed using proprietary printing technology that represent the best on-demand digital printing available on the market.

No damage on your HP product
You can be reassured that these skins have been tested by HP for your HP products. If you follow included instructions with the skins, applying them on your HP product will not void the warranty.


Upload your images and create your own skins
SkinIt and HP offer you on this website the unique opportunity to truly personalize your HP product with your images or designs. Just upload your images, photos or designs and SkinIt will print the perfect skins just for you!!

The price depends of the coverage, it ranges from $8.95 to $24.95

Personalize your Hewlett Packard PC with HP Skins now


Optimus mini is an auxiliary keyboard with three keys, each complete with an OLED screen displaying the current function. The keyboard is placed either horizontally or vertically: the images displayed on the keys are turned using the Optimus Configurator software.


Optimus mini is a blank sheet. It’s hard to say what a usual monitor is worth until you open an image on it. The same goes for Optimus mini: the more plugins that support applications there are for Optimus Configurator, the more indispensable is the keyboard for daily use.

The support of applications depends on whether these applications’ codes are open and whether there are plugins. The basic set of plugins is part of the standard package, however, we expect professionals and amateurs from all over the world to write most of them.

Optimus Configurator for Windows is now being completed. The keyboard’s work under other operating systems is just a matter of time. Any programmer can connect Optimus mini to a computer with a USB port and set about creating his or her own configurator.

Size of the keyboard: 118mm (W) x 51.8mm (D) x 18mm (H)
Size of the keys: 32×32 mm
Keys display technology: OLED
Keys resolution: 96×96 pixels
Displaying animation: 5 frames per second
Colors displayed: 262000
Viewing angle: 160 degrees
Connection: USB 1.0
Control: Optimus Configurator software
OS support: Windows (others coming later on)

Demonstration of Optimus mini three v 1.5 in action…

You can order Optimus mini three for $134.99 at the moment.

To get yourself an Optimus mini three keyboard…


The USB Paper Shredder and Letter Opener might prove to be a quite useful thing to have on your desk. It is great for shredding bank receipt, credit card receipt, post-it notes, name card and documents and so on of up to A6 size (half on A4). Just don’t use it to destroy those “Confidential” or “Top Secret” documents… 😉


The thing looks pretty small, and you’ll probably have to empty the shredded documents often (if you use it more often), but this way it won’t take much space on your desk and it is a good to have one of those shredders handy when needed. Although I said USB mini Paper Shredder in the title, the shredder can be powered by the USB port or with 4 standard 1,5-volt AA batteries, or with other words a PC is not required to use the shredder.

Features & Specification:
– Throat: 123mm
– Shred A6 documents (an A4 sheet folded in two).
– Shredded paper width: 3.5mm
– Shredding capacity: 2 sheets
– Container capacity: 1.6L
– On / Off / Reverse switch.
– USB powered or 4 “AA” batteries.
– Size: 16 x 12 x 14cm
– Weight: 661g
– Cable length: 110cm

The price of the USB mini Paper Shredder is $32 and it should be available in mid july

You can get USB mini Paper Shredder here