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For years, it’s been one of the biggest frustrations that road warriors deal with while carrying around their laptop computers – their mice. The complaints are numerous: computer mice that are at home with a desktop computer feel unwieldy when paired with a laptop; they bulge when crammed into a computer bag, or are misplaced too easily; desktop mice re-developed for laptop use are too small, and feel like they can get lost in a user’s hand. And the trackpoint (that little red button in the middle of the keyboard)? Don’t even get laptop users started about that one.

Finally, there’s a real solution, in the form of a business card sized, Bluetooth-enabled mouse that stores neatly inside – that’s right, inside a laptop computer’s PC slot when it’s not being used. Newton Peripherals, an emerging company delivering user-friendly solutions to mobile computing challenges, today announced the introduction of the MoGo MouseBT.


The second you place a MoGo MouseBT in your hand, you get it; this is what a mobile mouse is supposed to be. It’s light enough that it moves easily, yet it’s big enough that you don’t feel you’re trying to work with a mouse the size of a walnut. MoGo MouseBT redefines what road warriors and other laptop users should expect from a computer mouse. They have been trying to “make do” for years with other products; MoGo MouseBT is an elegant solution that solves their frustrations.

MoGo MouseBT is a technologically advanced wonder, featuring patent-pending optics and a system that automatically levers the mouse up into your hand as you work. With no batteries to replace, the MoGo MouseBT recharges in less than an hour in the PC card slot of your laptop.


Most important, however, is that its unique design gives it advantages over any other mobile mouse on the market today. MoGo MouseBT is ergonomically friendly and intuitive to use, right down to the two indentations on its top that clearly enable left- and right-clicking. A “kickstand” locks into place, automatically levering the full-width MoGo MouseBT into a natural position in the user’s hand, making its operation that much easier.

But words alone don’t adequately convey MoGo MouseBT’s cool factor; seeing it in action gives people the ability to understand how it is designed to change and improve their mobile computing experience.

The price of the MoGo Bluetooth Mouse is currently $59.99.

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Nexus Psile 10A

22, Jul 2006


The Nexus Psile in aluminum|white is an extraordinary stylish living room pc or media center pc. The aluminum has a fine sand-spray finish and the top cover is painted in shiny white. Elegance and silence combined in the finest quality materials…

The psile 10a is a silver aluminum case with a shiny white cover. Its sophisticated design will match any interior. And the advanced inner construction will guarantee good cooling for your systems components and an optimal silent operation. The inside or your psile case is fully covered with DampTek noise absorption material to absorb any unwanted noise coming from the PC components. In the front the Psile has an tiny distinguished white LED to tell you if the PC is on or to show hard disk drive activity. The case is constructed out of the finest aluminum there is available. The solid 4mm thick body gives your case the 100% quality feel and out speaking appearance. The elegant white cover provides the warm and stylish look to match your interior.

– based on mini-itx motherboard
– supplied with 1 real silent 80mm case fan (only 17,6 dbA)
– flexible positioning system for fan positioning
– allows building a single fan system
– requires standard 3.5″ hard disk drive
– fits regular add-on/PCI card (with max. 21cm length)
– slot-in DVD multi drive (included in most regions)
– case size: 22.5×22.5×19.1cm / 8.87×8.87×7.53 inch


Customize your Psile
The unique cover of the psile case allows you to easily modify the case into the style you desire. You can change the psile so it blends in perfectly with the interiour of your living room. We will gather some great designs for you to order through the accessory shop on this site. But you can also choose to make your own design.

The cover of the psile case has been made available in an outline drawing for you to use to create your own personalised cover. The outline drawing template is available in two formats:
– Photoshop (PSD) format
– Illustrator (AI) format

Use these drawing templates in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or any other compatible graphical application. When your design is ready and your are ready to upload it back to us you have to make sure the file is in 200 dpi or more an the file is saved in JPG format. We can easily process this format and create your exciting new cover for your psile.

The price of Nexus Psile Mini-ITX Case & DVD Writer only is about $305 (but you’ll need more parts to build a working PC), additional customization cover is available for about $32.

Get more information about the Nexus Psile 10a here

Retro Skype Phone

21, Jul 2006


Just because we’re so ludicrously smart and ahead of our own evolution by inventing things like Skype calls over the internet, doesn’t mean that we all have to sport microscopic handsets that are impractical and easy to swallow by mistake, or annoying headsets! BoysStuff introduces back to basics with the good old retro style telephone handset that plugs directly into your computer for VoIP calls from the Internet! Just plug the 3.5mm jack into the audio out or Microphone in plug on your laptop or notebook and you’re all set to make a very funky phone call. It might look overly ridiculous plugged into your sleek computer, but that’s what we like about it! Yeh baby!

The price of the Retro Skype Phone is ?’??34.95 (or about $65).

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