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An elegantly small, intuitive and powerful interface for input and information access with a variety of devices. It solves the keyboard limitations that until now have stood in the way of achieving the objective of information access anytime, anywhere and from any device. It also replaces device interfaces that are awkward, space inefficient, time-consuming to learn and inappropriate for wireless computing because they are based on keyboard layouts that are over 100 years old and technologies that are nearly fifty years old.

FrogPad is a standard USB plug-and-play keyboard and can be used with wearable PC’s, Tablets, DeskTops, Laptops, Linux, and MACs (OS 9) and above. It has a cable connector for both a standard PC and all USB host applications, the USB cable is also used for recharging the battery inside the keyboard so that it can be used wirelessly. The Bluetooth FrogPad can also be connected and used with all Bluetooth-enabled MAC’s and PC’s and there are also beta drivers for use with Mobile phones and PDA’s.

– Gennum Bluetooth wireless technology enabled solution
– Bluetooth HID profile
– 2.4 Ghz operating frequency
– 10m (30 feet) range
– Integrated rechargeable battery (via USB)
– Portable with all the functions of a full-sized keyboard
– Single-handed use with full-sized keys
– Compatible with devices using the Bluetooth HID profile
– 3″ x 5″ compact size
– Dimensions: 5.60″ x 3.73″ x 0.66″ (0.35″ Corner Radius)

The price of the FrogPad Bluetooth Keypad is $149.99

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The ZScanner 700 brings needed speed, ease-of-use and unprecedented versatility to 3D Scanning. Scan any object in the tightest spaces and do it in real-time with one continuous scan.

Simply connect the system to your laptop with FireWire. Add the reflective targets to the object. Then quickly calibrate and start scanning within minutes. The ZScan software creates a polygon mesh of the object’s surface in real-time so you can see what has and has not been scanned as you go. Increase the scan resolution on the fly to scan the tightest spaces or most detailed areas.


Conventional scanners require fixed-position tripods, bulky mechanical arms, or external positioning devices that must be within the line of sight of the target surface. So hard-to-reach objects are nearly impossible to scan and extensive post-processing is needed to stitch multiple scans into one.

The ZScanner 700 captures a complete scan all at once – with all the mobility that comes with a handheld device. But all that convinience and ease of use comes at a price, a quite high one… after all these 3D scanners are not toys!


Technical Specifications
Weight: 980 grams (2.1 lbs)
Equipment Dimensions: 160 x 260 x 210 mm (6.25 x 10.2 8.2 in)
Measurement: 18 000 measures / s
Laser Class: II (eye safe)
Resolution in Z Axis: 0.1 mm (0.004 in)
Accuracy: Up to 0.05 mm (Up to 0.002 in)
ISO: 20 ????m + 0.2 L / 1000
Output Files: .STL, RAW
Included Accessories: Laptop computer, ZScan software, FireWire cable data transfer, Calibration plate validation, Carry-on case, Ergonomic support

The price of the ZScanner 700 is $39,000.

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After a hard day of mousing is your hand twisted into a frozen non-functional claw? Maybe it’s not quite that bad, but all those hours spent clutching your mouse can tense up your hand muscles and lead to tendinitis, tenosynovitis and all kinds of scary sounding repetitive stress disorders.


The Hoverstop mouse helps you minimize the amount of time you hand spends on the mouse. First it detects if your hand is on the mouse. It then monitors if you are actually using it (clicking, scrolling). If you are not using it for more than 10 seconds, it will vibrate softly to remind you to take your hand away and relax. This will give you many mini breaks per hour. Meanwhile you continue to work normally thinking, reading, without being disturbed. If you need the mouse again, just pick it up to resume work.

Product Features
– Symmetrical three-button mouse with scroll wheel
– Built in sensor and vibration help remind you to rest your mouse hand
– 800-dpi optical sensor
– Mouse is plug-and-play on all common operating systems and will operate both on USB and PS/2

The price of the Hoverstop Mouse is $69.99.

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