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Sony Electronics has started shipping 50GB dual layer Blu-ray Disc recordable (write-once) media with AccuCORE technology. Sony’s AccuCORE technology has been re-engineered for Blu-ray Disc media, with its major benefits including scratch guard, archival reliability to prevent data/image corruption and deterioration, stable writing that reduces fluctuation as the disc spins, and temperature durability to prevent warping during severe changes in temperature and humidity. The 50GB capacity of these Blu-Ray discs alows recording more than four hours of HD quality video, at a 24 Mbps transfer rate.

Sony also confirmed that it plans to start shipping 50GB dual layer rewritable BD media later this year.

Sony’s 50GB dual layer recordable disc has a suggested retail price of around $48.

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This compact and handy power pack enables you to use anywhere from standard wall outlet to Auto, Air and Train. It is compatible to most mobile electronics and you can charge one notebook and two electronic devices simultaneously. Comes with 13 different tips so you can connect almost any type of notebook, mobile phone, PDA, PSP, iPod or USB-powered device…

The price of the Combtronic Mingo 70W Universal Charger is $249.

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The Keyboard Organizer

16, Aug 2006

The worlds first and only fully functioning computer keyboard that opens to have internal storage to organize the computer desktop area. You can now store a whole lot of useful things inside your keyboard and have easy access to them all the time.

When the keyboard is in the full, upright position it stays open without tipping over. It is only one tenth of an inch thicker than the normal keyboard and still thinner than many other keyboards in the market.

The Keyboard Organizer is ideal for use in offices, home offices, college dorms, studio apartments, design firms, shipping departments, POS locations, receptionists, legal offices, government offices, and also makes a great gift.

The price of the The Keyboard Organizer is $24.95 for the PS/2 wired model (MK190O) and $49.95 for the wireless one (MK2100).

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