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The iBlueTube is a docking station for iPod that adopts 2 Philips “6922” vacuum tubes. It is the world’s first iPod branded speaker that utilizes vacuum tubes, with a frequency of 20Hz – 30kHz, a signal-noise ratio of 80db, and an output of 12W x 2 ch. iBlueTube plays out warm and clear sound using high quality vacuum tubes. Designed with removable covers and 2 bright blue LED lights for a stylish look. It is compatible with iPod (3rd Gen.), Mini, Nano, Picture, and Video. Includes USB terminal, S-video output, and RCA stereo output. Thanko iBlueTube comes with a remote control for easy control. An one-of-a-kind iPod accessory, but the use of vacuum tubes also makes it quite expensive…

Frequency characteristic: 20Hz – 30Khz / +0dB -3dB
Output: 12W x 2
Signal-noise ratio: 80dB
Power source: AC100V
Charge: 160mV
Gain: 60dB
Size: 295 ?“??” 130 ?“??” 68 mm
Weight: 650g

The price of the Thanko iBlueTube is $449.

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This is an interesting MP3 player that comes with a clip design, allowing you to clip it anywhere on your clothes. It supports MP3 and WMA audio tracks and comes pre-loaded with 10 Ministry of Sound tracks. Uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 4,5 hours playback. Connects to a PC trough a standard mini USB connector (recharges the battery that way).

The MP3 Clip Stix is available in pink and black colors with price of about $50

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Are you a fan of devices that look like one thing but have several hidden talents? The MacGyver 512MB MP3 Watch may appear to be a simple timepiece, but it’s actually an MP3 player, voice recorder, and USB thumb drive in one!

With its 512 MB storage capacity, you’ll have ample room on the device for up to 40 hours of your favorite tunes. Record notes on the go using the built-in microphone. Connect the watch to your computer using the included USB cable and download songs to the device using the included software. Because this watch can store files in .wav format, it can be used with almost any computer. The USB connection also charges the watch and is used for uploading your voice recordings or data from the flash drive.

You can listen to your music in MP3 and WMA formats, playing in sequence or random mode. Select an equalizer mode of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, or Normal. An LED lights up your chosen mode. LEDs also indicate connection to your computer, power, and mode. Connect the included earbuds through the 2.5mm earphone jack.

Built-In Memory: 512 MB
Power: Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Recharging Time: 2 hours
Play Time: 7 hours on a full charge
Voice Recording Time: 40 hours
Music Play Time: WMA – 480 minutes; MP3 – 240 minutes
Operating Temperature:-5?’?° C to 50?’?° C
Earphone Output: 5 mW each
Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Compression Level: 32 Kbps ~ 320 Kbps

Currently the MacGyver 512MB MP3 Watch is $119.37

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