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iCush is the ideal companion for your music, movies, and games. With easy connectivity to gaming systems, MP3 players, TVs, and more, iCush is your complete entertainment experience.

Bringing the power of music to stress reduction and pampering! Plug any MP3, gaming unit or other audio source into the universal audio input and enjoy your favorite tunes along with a luxurious massage. iCush also features high-quality speakers that play music with or without a massage. The integrated hand-controls allow users to adjust heat, as well as intensity, speed and location of massage.

The iCush is the first portable cushion that syncs sound directly to massage, allowing users to feel the beat of the music or movie. For gamers, the experience comes alive as the turns, crashes, fights and explosions vibrate muscles in sync with the sound, enabling them to feel at one with the game.

– Music Sync ???‚???feel the beat of the music, game or ovie with the touch of a button. Experience the fun
– Plug & Play your MP3, iPod, XBOX or any audio source into our universal audio input – works with any audio source that has an earphone jack
– Adjustable aluminum cone speakers for a customized audio experience
– Music plays with or without massage
– Control the volume through your audio source and the massage & heat through the integrated hand control
– 10 powerful massage motors with heat
– Wired programmable electronic control with 3 pre-set programs
– Adjustable intensity, speed and personalized body zone control

The price of the HoMedics iCush Immersive Audio Sync Seat is $99.99

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Are you looking for an MP3 player that not only sounds great but looks great? Then this new “Razzle Dazzle Edition” of the DAH-1500i Cube MP3 Player is just for you. This full-featured player is covered with genuine Swarovski crystal jewels.

Q-Bling comes with necklace style earbuds, which are also adorned with Swarovski crystals, so this is a wearable portable audio player that will really turn heads and will certainly become a collector???‚?„?s piece. It has 1 Gigabyte of storage, which will hold about 500 songs, and has all the same features as the DAH-1500i.

The player has a self Emitting Blue OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Display combined with Blue letters. Uses built-in lithium-polymer battery that is easily recharged by connecting into the USB port on your PC. The Q-Bling MP3 player weights only about 18 grams and is available in 3 different colors: blue, silver and pink.

The price of the mobiBLU Q-Bling MP3 Player is $149.99

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Hello Kitty Headphones

22, Aug 2006


Stereo headphones and a microphone in the lovely Hello Kitty style. The whole design is cute-looking in the traditional pink and white colors, the headphones are fashionable, and you wear them around the back of your neck, with the headphones itself setting comfortably on your ear. Very detailed Hello Kitty theme, with Hello Kitty face design microphone, where the microphone is actually hidden in Hello Kitty’s eyes. There is volume control on the side and standard stereo plug for computer, MP3 player, MP3 phones…

The price of the Hello Kitty Headphones is $39.99

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