DLO Nylon HipCase for iPhone

29 Oct


Put your iPhone in this modern and durable nylon HipCase that combines tough protection with easy, convenient access to the device inside. We all know that the iPhone’s dimensions require a horizontal waist holster for optimal comfort and the HipCase delivers not only that, but much more. The Nylon HipCase features a horizontal belt-clip, velcro tab and center notch for quick, one-handed iPhone pick up and thus provides the utmost in comfort and accessibility.


Sporting a nylon body and rubber accent on the padded filp-up cover, this HipCase contains no animal products – the perfect choice for those in the market for a vegan-friendly iPhone case. Inside you’ll find a hidden pocket, perfect for cards or a bit of cash. The HipCase’s corner notches ensure unobstructed access to the iPhone’s headset jack, allowing you to listen to music or take a call while keeping the iPhone safely cradled in the HipCase.


The HipCase’s sturdy belt clip ensures your iPhone will always be within easy reach when you need it. And with its clean lines and stylish construction, the HipCase is the perfect accessory – from a suit and tie to jeans and a t-shirt.

You can purchase the Nylon DLO HipCase for $29.99.

If you can’t wait to get your iPhone in a Nylon HipCase…

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