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WTF is a Mana Energy Potion? Mana Energy Potion is the premium energy shot made by gamers for gamers that looks like a real Mana potion, the one you see in real games BTW. It’s meant for long nights of gaming, partying, and the longer mornings that follow. It has lots of vitamins, no sugar, and no aftercrash. A single Mana Potion will bump up your mana to +160 (real world humans have about 100 mana, by the way). It’s 5-8 hours of smooth, jitter-free energy. When it comes to caffeine content, this potent shot is equivalent to about two 8-ounce Red Bulls or four cups of crappy office coffee.


You have to know that the Mana Energy Potion energy shot, not an energy drink. The bottle is a 50mL serving which is around the same size as those little bottles of booze served on airplanes. At only 20 calories, it won’t weigh you down while you are casting spells. It will also keep you away from the can as opposed to guzzling the usual barrel of yellow syrup. But don’t let the size fool you – even drinking half a bottle at time is quite effective, and as a general rule you shouldn’t drink more than one or two bottles of mana a day.


You should also note that you don’t get only an energy boost, but also some vitamin C, and vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12 so you could say that the Mana Energy Potions don’t just restore your Mana, but also help with your health… 😛

The price of a Six Pack of Mana Energy Potions is $19.99.

To get some of them Mana Poitons for when you need them most…

If you haven’t found an interesting and really fun game to play lately, you should definitely check Spore. The whole idea behind Spore is a like something similar to the one in Civilization – you take the role of some people and start living throughout the years improving yourself. The difference is that Spore secures you the role of a god that is guiding the evolution of a species right form a single cellular organism, that starts it’s life in the water, then evolves and goes to the surface, becomes intelligent, starts to wage wars and then even goes exploring the space. And you have the full control all the time, changing the appearance and abilities of your own creation while it develops into an intelligent creature, that not necessarily have to look like a humanoid, let alone be like a human being.

You start the game in the primordial ooze, where you can create your own single-cellular character designing its DNA, a creature that will constantly grow, survive, and mate as it evolves into a fully-formed member of an establishing species. And as more and more of your creatures inhabit the world, and as evolution forms the future, your species will start joining herds, clans, even create their own civilizations. The more advanced the creatures of the planet grow, the more complex the strife of survival becomes and it all depends on how you pull the right strings. If you are doing well enough you may be able to reach the stars and star exploring and inhabiting the universe, not only just one planet. But if you are not that good your own creations may just have a very short life and you’ll have to start again from the beginning, making them better and more suitable for survival. After all the nature did learn from it’s mistakes, adapting and evolving according to the changes in the environment and the improvement of different animal species, until we, the humans got better control over our own lives… 😉

Spore is still not available at the moment, but there is a little more than a week until its release date (09/08/2008) and you can get it pre-ordered just to be sure you’ll be among the first ones to have it and start playing as the god you’ve always wished you can be, controlling others fates and lives. At the moment the price of the game is $46.99…

If you want to pre-order the Spore PC game now…