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Do you know your own blood type? Usually you have to make a special medical test in order to know your own blood type, but not anymore. Thanks to this simple and not expensive DIY kit you can now find what is your blood type at home in just a few minutes. You just need to take a few drops of your own blood and put it on a special card, then compare the results with a chart and you’ll know what your blood type is. Everything you need is included in the test kit and after you make the test you can even protect the test chart showing your blood type with the special laminating sheet (also included) and carry the results anywhere you go. This is a useful thing to have, but also comes as a great and quite original gift especially for people interested in medicine for instance…


The Simple DIY Blood Type Test Kit is available for $8.99

To order one of these do it yourself blood type test kits…


Tux Droid is a wireless programmable robot specifically designed for the Linux platform, it provides the Linux user with a new way to access the digital world without sitting in front of his computer. Looking as a cute penguin resembling the Linux mascot, Tux Droid reacts to PC events and talks in more than 10 different languages. Based on the widgets principle, Tux Gadgets are mini-applications that reside on users desktops and delivers a variety of personalized information such as email, weather forecast, horoscope, media player, news, games, quizz etc. through Tux Droid. The Gadgets are easily accessible with the remote control. In order to manage easily the different gadgets, Kysoh has also developed a graphical interface called Tux Gadgets Manager. These gadgets are developed in a TGF (Tux Gadget Format) format, made in the spirit of ODF file and provides a wide range of actions such as: modify and configure Gadgets without any programming skills, modify easily the graphical interface to customize it or add new gadgets (available on the community website) by a simple drag and drop.

– Dimensions: 210mm x 180mm x 140mm (with lowered wings)
– Fur material: Fogging skin
– Chipsets: Atmel AVR RISC microcontrollers (code is compiled with GCC and AVR-LIBC), 4Mbits flash memory for onboard sound
– Input: Microphone, Infrared receiver, Light sensor, Push button on top of the head, Internal switch sensors in both wings that are triggered by pushing the wings, Volume control wheel, 3.5mm mono audio socket for audio in
– Output: Infrared transmitter, One blue LED in each eye, Speaker, 3.5mm stereo audio socket for audio out
– Moving parts: Eyes: open and close, Beak: open and close, Wings: raise and lower, Rotation to the left and the right
– Wireless connection: 2.4 GHz wireless full-duplex digital link between the USB dongle and Tux Droid
– Power: NiCd 750mAh battery pack with 4 AAA elements, DC-in 7,5 V for recharging of the batteries and powering from DC

The price of the Tux Droid is about $115 or 79 Euro.

If you wish to buy this col gadget called Tux Droid…


If you are looking for a fun and really addictive gadget for a gift this is the perfect choise given the upcoming holidays are quite close. Puchi Puchi is the onomatopoeic name for this delicious cell phone strap/keychain adornment. In Japanese, “puchi” is the sound that bubble wrap makes when you pop the bubble. This little device has eight bubbles for unending popping fun. A small speaker does a pretty convincing pop sound and, much more importantly, the tactile feel is pretty authentic.

It’s meditative, it’s cheap, and it’s a great gift for yourself or somebody else since the idea is so simple, clever, and unexpected. Just don’t get too addicted to this because with Puchi Puchi the bubbles never end…

The Puchi Puchi Bubble Wraps cost $15 each.

If you want to buy a few of these for gifts…