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Safety comes first, especially when you take out your expensive DSLR camera for a spin. You already know that the world is a rough place for cameras, with all sorts of jagged nasties waiting to take their toll on your beautifully finished pride and joy. And the solution to that problem is Camera Armor – a close fitting stay-on glove for your Digital SLR. A solution that will definitely help you to add additional protection to your expensive photo equipment, especially when you take photos in an unfriendly environment, without needing to pay too much for it.

Each Camera Armor model is made from shock absorbing, flexible silicon-rubber, with each set designed to fit your digital SLR model like a glove. This ensures the best possible fit and protection while continuing to allow full access to all buttons, cable ports, and battery/memory compartments. The unique thing about Camera Armor is the fact that it protects your camera wherever you go, regardless of what you are doing. You put it on, and leave it on, so no matter what bumps life throws at you, your camera is protected.

Camera Armor products come with the “Body Armor”; an LCD shield made from polycarbonate that protects the screen from impact and abrasion; and the Lens Armor, a rugged protective ring that stretches to fit most common lenses. The Lens armor doubles as a sun hood, and can be rolled out of the way for wide angle shot. It even comes with a handy lens cap leash that attaches your lens cap to the lens armor with a silicone tab.

Currently there are Camera Armor kits designed specially for 10 digital SLR cameras: Canon EOS 30D, Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D), Canon EOS 5D, Nikon D70/D70s, Nikon D80, Nikon D200, Nikon D40, Sony Alpha A100, Canon Mark II Series 1DN & 1DS and Fuji FinePix S5. The price for a complete Camera Armor kit is between $49.95 and $79.95, depending on the model.

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Does your mobile phone look ever so slightly dull? If the answer is yes, you could do with a few Fonies. These impossibly cute critters are set to take the world of mobile phone danglies (of course there’s one) by storm, because as well as being totally adorable they double up as screen cleaners. And while your beloved new companion may not appreciate being wiped all over a grubby screen, but after all your mobile’s screen is no longer an underused luxury; it’s an essential window to the wonders within, used for photography, picture messaging, gaming and more.

Screen cleaning aside, Fonies are a great way of personalizing your phone. And with several different characters to collect you can use them to change the appearance of your mobile to suit your every mood.

And while Fonies don’t light up, spin, dance, play tunes or even vibrate, but there’s something rather reassuring about dangling a squishy thingy from your phone. Maybe it’s their sheer simplicity that makes them so unfathomably desirable.

The Fonies will cost you about $8 each and there are quite a few different models.

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The USB Greenhouse is a USB-powered vase that illuminates growth light for your plant to grow healthly even without sunlight. As long as you have a computer with USB port, you can seed your plant in the USB Greenhouse at your desk. Now, planting is more timesaving. Don’t worry about cloudy days as your plant can be always illuminated as long as your computer is powered on. Watering isn’t a problem either because your plant status is monitored and you will be reminded to do so regularly by the supplied software. The USB Greenhouse is not only an interesting tool for planting, but also a cool gadget suitable for a gift and decoration.

– Miniature greenhouse
– Bulit-in growth light
– Computer interface monitors growth status
– Watering reminder
– Calendar
– Dimensions: 17.2×22.6×17 cm
– Weight: 560g


The USB Greenhouse starter pack includes seeds of Marigold and artificial soil, but you are free to use any seeds of your choice to maximize your USB greenhouse experience. This USB gadget will really make your computer desk more nature friendly than it is at the moment 😉

The USB Greenhouse starter pack is available at a price of $43.

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