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As you probably know most remote-control airplanes are heavy and bulky and require a lot of open space to fly and turn properly. But the case with Carbon Butterfly Indoor Flyer is different, it is the smallest and lightest ready-to-fly remote-controled airplane available. The plane weights only 3.6 grams and is small and light enough to maneuver around your living room, while the sturdy carbon-fiber frame makes it very durable for the times when you crashland it.


The Carbon Butterfly Indoor Flyer remote-control airplane has a beautifully constructed delicate airframe along with a carbon-fiber propeller, a Swiss-engineered gearbox, and a tiny 4mm coreless motor. Control the RC airplane with the transmitter’s two joysticks. The transmitter also includes a built-in portable charger for the remote-control plane’s lithium polymer battery.

Note that this RC is not exactly a toy and might not be suitable for small children, be mindful of pets as well as they are capable of causing damage. The included four-channel transmitter provides precise control for tight turns and slow flying. With some practice, your airspace need only be 12 feet by 16 feet. This tiny remote-control plane is powered by the included lithium-polymer battery. The receiver is powered by four AA batteries (sold separately). This remote-control airplane kit comes with the freeware FMS R/C Flight Simulator and a computer interface cord, so you can plug the transmitter into your PC and learn to fly your RC airplane on your computer, crashing as many times as you want without doing any real damage. After you have mastered flying by radio control on the simulator, you’ll be ready to try the remote-control airplane in the real world.

The Carbon Butterfly Indoor Flyer is priced at $299.99

If you are interested in purchasing this ultra small RC plane…


OdoPlus is a freeware program that allows you to track the distance your mouse pointer travels on the screen (not the actual distance you moved the mouse!). It also helps you keep a record of how often you clicked each mouse button (left, right, center) and in which part of the screen you click the most. This is represented in a special graphical window showing clearly the click distribution over the screen based on different colors. The OdoPlus is very lightweight, it only takes about 500KB of your system memory so you don’t have to worry about it taking too much system resources…

Download the OdoPlus mouse tracking application (~350KB)…