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This R/C R2-D2 Action Figure is like a Star Wars fanboy’s wet dream come true. The size of a regular action figure, this tiny droid is fully controllable from the included lightsaber remote. Authentic R2-D2 sounds, turning head and red LED eye complete the package. No more playing with your old-school Star Wars figures by shaking them and talking in a funny voice, this is the real deal… and we don’t kid when it come to Star Wars. We would have killed for this little R2 gem as a kid and it’s still pretty damn cool as an adult.

These mini R/C R2-D2s come directly from Japan and are fully licensed by Lucasfilm.

The RC Star Wars R2-D2 Action Figure is available for $29.99, but is out of stock until around the end of April.

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Red Mushroom Chair

17, Apr 2007


A small red mushroom chair looking just like the mushrooms in all the Super Mario games and a few other among them. The chair is about 7.25″ tall and with 10″ cap diameter, which may be pretty small for some people (it is a Japanese product after all), but anyway come and join the Mushroom Club 😉

The Red Mushroom Chair is available for $18.99

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The AeroPress is an entirely new way to make coffee – it is actually a single-cup portable coffee maker that is very easy to use and quickly produces great tasting coffee…

Water and grounds are mixed together for ten seconds, then gentle air pressure pushes the mix through a micro-filter for about 20 seconds. The total brewing time is just 30 seconds, but it results in exceptionally smooth flavor of the produced coffee.

The price of the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker is about $25.

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