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Since its introduction, the iPod has changed the face of street fashion, and its phenomenal success has spawned the irreplaceable lifestyle accessory of the decade: White iPod earbuds. Sure, you can always get replacements, but isn’t it better to protect the buds you already have?

The ultra compact earBuddy case (about the size of a jewelry box) has been designed specifically with the iPod earbuds in mind, but can hold many other earbuds as well. It is coated with ballistic nylon and built to withstand 200 lbs. or 90 kg of force. The ABS frame on the inside lets you easily wind up the cable and store everything simply and safely in the smallest possible space.

Equipped with a detachable keyring and weighing less than 1 oz. earBuddy is always on standby for missions around the globe. Attach it to your keychain, your rucksack, or your favorite bag so your buds are ready when you are, whether it’s for an assignment with your iPod, your computer or even on board an aircraft.

The price of the earBuddy carrying case is $14.95

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LED Tagz

28, Aug 2006


These LED Tagz allow you to program up to 6 different messages 126 characters long using the buttons on the back of the Tagz. The messages can be set to scroll across the LED screen at different rates. Wear the LED Tagz around your neck either on top or below clothing and send out your message to the world. If your top is of a light material the message will keep on shining through. Great for Clubbing, find yourself the center of attention – bring out the true extrovert in you, be wild, be free!


Let the world know your thoughts, your mission in life, your mobile number or simply that you are on the pull… the possibilities are endless.

The price of a single LED Tagz is about $30.

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Wooden USB Sticks

28, Aug 2006


Even as a real geek you probably like to have some nature around you? If so you should give these cool and a bit strange-looking wooden USB sticks a try…

The USB sticks are made out of hand-picked wood and that’s why they will make up the perfect contrast to the sterile computer technology. The sticks use USB 2.0 and measure about 2 x 2 x 20 cm in size. Have in mind that each stick is unique and therefore the ones on the pictures are only similar.


The price of a Wooden USB Stick is about $57 for the 256MB, $76 for the 512MB and $90 for the 1 GB model.

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