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By snapping d-skin onto a DVD or CD and leaving it on even while it plays you can protect any standard size disc from the scratches or smudges that affect their ability to be read by a player, or cause them to fail completely.


d_skin is a precision engineered film that snaps around the perimeter of DVDs or CDs to create a tight, protective seal over the shiny readable side of the disc. d_skin is so thin that the disc is read right through the plastic film without distortion or skipping. If the d_skin itself gets scratched, you can easily remove and replace it with a new one.


d_skin can be used in any tray-loaded CD or DVD player, as well as computer games including PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. d_skin can even remain on a disc as you record to it, making it an ideal product for those who want to protect archived home movies and photography. d_skin also enables consumers to cut down on storage space for their disc collections because they no longer need bulky jewel cases, CD catalogs or CD sleeves.

Disc Skins come in different packs, you can get a pack of 50 d_skins for about $45, 20 d_skins for about $18, 5 d_skins for about $5…

For a list of places where you can find and purchase d_skins…


Tomy presents all new “KUROHIGE” Pop-Up Pirate “Hard Gay” limited edition in large size. The Kurohige is an unique puzzle / strategy game that is quite popular in Japan. Set the pirate into the barrel and slide the sword into the barrel, if the pirate pops out on your turn, you are out. The “Hard Gay” edition is based on Japanese comedian TV personality “Hard Gay” (the guy isn’t actually a gay, just married recently… to a girl). A great game and fun game with your friends with this Kurohige in interesting outfit.

The price of the Tomy KUROHIGE “Hard Gay” Edition is $55.

If you want to order yourself a “Hard Gay” Edition of the Kurohige game…
Hard Gay convincing Tomy to make HG Edition of the Kurohige (video part 1)
Hard Gay convincing Tomy to make HG Edition of the Kurohige (video part 2)


Show off garden accessories like fountains or light a path through your yard with a solar-powered light that needs neither electricity nor maintenance. Unlike some solar lights that stand out in your landscaping, the 6-Inch Solar Rock Spotlight is embedded in an authentic-looking rock, turning on automatically at dusk to light your way.


The built-in solar panel collects and converts sunlight into DC power every day while the pre-installed rechargeable battery stores the energy to power the light at night. The internal photo sensor turns the super-bright LED lights on automatically when it gets dark and turns them off at dawn. Solar power and LED lights save you money and help preserve the nature… 😉

The price of the Solar Rock Spotlight is $19.99

To order a 6-Inch Solar Rock Spotlight…
The Solar Spotlight is also availabe in Sandstone…