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Samsung announced that a 4GB solid state disk (SSD) is now being readied for production. The SSD is designed to serve as a high speed NAND flash cache for notebooks and PCs in conjunction with the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

The device – compatible with Windows ReadyBoost, a new Windows Vista feature that uses flash memory to improve system responsiveness – enables users to avoid the hundreds of annoying multi-second delays they experience every day when moving within and between frequently used applications.

“By caching Hard Drive data using Samsung’s flash SSD and the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, a typical user will see performance gains that will make working with their PC lightning fast,” said Don Barnetson, Director, Flash Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

The Windows ReadyBoost feature of the Windows Vista operating system will intelligently populate the SSD with the data a user needs before they ask for it. It readies a user’s favorite applications and data in the background, accelerating everyday actions such as starting applications and switching users. When a user requests that data, rather than being limited to servicing 100-200 requests per second (as with a traditional HDD), Samsung’s SSD can service up to 5000 request per second, virtually eliminating data seek delays. The 4GB SSD can work in tandem with a hybrid hard drive, coming into play as a secondary source of cached data.

Samsung’s new performance booster can be located virtually anywhere on the motherboard and is connected through the ATA port. The flash cache compliments DRAM and because Windows Vista automatically compresses all data stored in a ReadyBoost device, the 4 gigabyte drive would, in practice, act as up to 8 gigabytes of user data.

The new device will also be used in separate applications unrelated to Windows Vista such as for special industrial needs.

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The Soundbombs Project

26, Jul 2006


Soundbombs are New-Media-Accessories. Each one a lowtech object for interactive transmission. An integrated soundmodul makes it possible to record any given sound and then activate it through a motiondetector. As a Non-Visual Graffiti, with its origin in streetart, Soundbombs give the possibility to tag a place in an accoustic form: a welcoming greeting at the entrance or a warning of a bad restaurant. Each owner can leave a personal message anywhere and at any time. Soundbombs can whistle, laugh, belch or recite a poem.

One can apply for the purchase of a Soundbomb – only those who deserve a Soundbomb, get a Soundbomb! if one is elected, he/she obtains an unique “accoustic” email addresse (e.g.

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LED Tiles

26, Jul 2006


Straight luminous glass borders in format 5.5 x 40 cm and in the colours blue, yellow and white complete the light concept and are a perfect match with “Flow” and “LED Tiles”.


The luminous borders make every room an eye-catcher – in your private oasis of wellness as well as in an object area. The borders are used in various applications such as indirect lighting, innovative skirting and guide at steps or just as an exclusive design element. Combined with white tiles of sizes 30 x 40 cm or 40 x 70 cm, they create purist cool worlds of living. Combined with the series of mosaic floor and wall tiles from Steuler, the borders allow most different and varying design worlds to be created – for every demand and taste.


LED illuminated borders trace bands of light on walls and floors. They lend structure to the architecture and show the way. Colours such as white and blue set the stage for rooms and bathe the soul. Single coloured or with slowly alternating colours, the LED modules delicately illuminate steps and stairs or emphasis niches and individual objects. The light playfully speckles colour accents on walls and floors – soft yet stimulating. The possibilities are limitless…

The price of the tiles needed for 1 square meter starts at about $50 + about $100-150 for the control electronics.

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