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The MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System is a cutting-edge gaming platform designed to let you play your favorite PC-based game titles in a fully immersive, virtual reality environment. You “step inside” the game and move through the virtual landscape – just as you would do in the real world. You can: physically walk around; crouch and take cover behind virtual objects; shoot around corners; look up, down, and even behind you. No other gaming platform comes close to the realism and interaction provided by the MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System.


How does the MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System work?
The MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System uses a combination of cutting edge patented and patent-pending hardware and middleware (software) to allow you to play your favorite PC-based game software titles in our fully immersive virtual reality environment. We use high-fidelity 3D graphics and audio, driven by a powerful computer system, controlled by a precise motion tracking system and a custom-designed wireless weapon controller to provide the most convincing gaming experience available.

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The main power of the TenGO with QWERTY design of 6 large main alphabet keys is the ability to reach fast typing speeds on your PDA with very little learning as it is essentially the same as typing on the normal keyboard except for the larger and fewer keys. After a little learning a regular TenGO user is reaching super fast typing speeds of more than 70 standard words per minute! The software also comes with a free version and supports all PDAs with Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 OS.


TenGO is free?
TenGO Free Edition is for private, non-commercial, single device use only. Your rights in the Software are strictly limited to home, personal or recreational use only by you and not for the benefit of third parties. Your use of TenGO Free Edition shall be in accordance with and is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the TenGO Free End User License Agreement (EULA) that accompanies in the TenGO Free Edition. In a nutshell, just install, register with your email address and you are free to use this software to handle all your text inputting needs like email, messaging, note-taking, etc.

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The world’s first UV Smart Bikini featuring a smart fabric UV meter with Bright LED display, the UV meter is integrated right into the suit offering the following features:
– Waterproof design
– Professional UV meter with .01 steps
– Bright Digital LCD easily Visible in Sunlight
– Washable and safe for Chlorine
– Unit will display intensity of 0 in shade or indoors
– Quick and easy to use, touch the button on the belt to display current UV reading
– Powered by standard long lasting CR2025 batteries ~ approximate life 2 years per battery
– 100% Top quality Lycra
– Belt with meter is removable
– Belt can be worn with readout facing either direction, depending on wearer’s preference
– In stock in Techno Silver in Sizes 0-14
– Black and White are backorder, you will be updated on a delivery date for these colors

About the UV Index
The UV Index indicates the strength of the UV intensity. The higher the number, the stronger UV intensity, and the shorter the time for damage to your eyes and skin. In general the risk to your skin depends on your skin type, weather and geographic location. Our UV Chart gives an outline of ray intensity and protective suggestion, and average number of minutes to sunburn.

The price of the Solestrom SmartSwim UV Meter Bikini is $139.99.

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